Can't Hold Us

You Remember us? Well its Chloe and Caitlyn, duh! Remember getting kidnapped, running, laughing, being put in the hospital, and almost dying? Well, we do. We also have some new members to our family. As in children, wait children as in real human beings! Well yes, you can't just expect us to stay virgins forever! So yes we have two children each, and yes one boy one girl each. The sad thing is our children go a little... crazy I guess you could say. Just read the damn story to find out about their fucked up adventures!


5. Chill, ok?

Carson's POV

Skye has been gone all morning. Jacob was getting worried and this is not normal for him. He usually isn't this worried. He was pacing his room and whispering to himself while Michael and I just sat quietly on his bed. We all got here this morning. All of a sudden our parents want to hang out. We usually don't hang out this much. It's like this is going to be the last time they see each other. I don't get why but I am not going to object.

"Jacob!" Michael yelled. Jacob stopped pacing and looked at Michael. "Dude... Just calm down. She didn't get kidnapped. She probably went out to hang out with some friends."

"She has been gone since 10 this morning!" Jacob yelled. I got up and placed my hand on his shoulder.

"Chill man. Just trust us. Ok?" I soothed.

"God... You're just like your mother," Jacob laughed.

"Don't forget your dad." We all looked up to see my dad standing in the doorway of Jacob's room.

"Hey Uncle Liam!" Jacob and Michael both called at the same time. I just stared at him. My dad only laughed at us.

"You and your sister get it from both of us," my dad continued. "We were known as 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' to your aunts and uncles," he finished. We all just looked at him. "True story," he laughed. He then walked back downstairs.

"Dude... No wonder your sister acts like that as well. You guys get it from your parents, which is funny," Michael laughed.

"Sister? More like twin. You guys are the same in every way possible," Jacob laughed.

"We are twins..." I informed them. Why do they forget this? The bedroom door soon opened. Alea and Arabella walked in.

"Hey girls!" Michael yelled. They only laughed and jumped on the bed Michael and I were previously on.  

"You guys seen Skye?" Jacob asked frantically.

"She went out to meet a friend," Arabella informed him.

"Chill, ok?" Alea asked. We all laughed at her comment. This is always a fun time when we hang out together. Jacob stopped laughing first and started pacing again. He opened the door and then we heard a loud thump. We all stood up and noticed Skye standing in front of the door.

"Hey guys!" she exclaimed. We ll just looked at her while Jacob gave her a hug.

"Wait... If that loud thud wasn't you, then who was it?" Alea asked. We all looked at each other till...

"HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!!!" someone yelled. It came from outside.

"IT WASN'T ME!" I'm guessing Uncle Harry yelled back.

"IT WAS LOUIS!" someone else yelled. Alea and Michael sighed.

"That's our dad," they both laughed. We all laughed too, then ran to the window to see what happened. Nothing seemed out of sorts outside. We all went downstairs and everyone was in the living room.

"Kids, stay there. Louis broke the lamp... AGAIN!" Aunt Olivia informed us. We all stayed on the stairs.

"Where's the broom and vacuum!?!" I believe my mom yelled.

"It's on the porch from when the glass cup broke, Cait!" Aunt Chloe yelled to her sister.

"Didn't the vase break at Liam and Caitlyn's break last week?" Uncle Harry asked. Everyone nodded.

"We have too much glass in our houses," Unlce Zayn commented.

"How about no more glass cups or any glass at all when we are all together?" Uncle Niall suggested. All the adults nodded in agreement.

"Everyone just chill, ok?" Aunt Chloe screamed.

"Why do we need to chill? You're the one starting to freak out!" my mom jokingly yelled at her sister.

"Alright... Chill is out," Michael whispered to us.

"Chill, ok? Why can't our parents say it?" Alea asked her brother.

"Yeah! We have the cool parents, remember?" Skye sassed.

"Yeah!! I mean they were famous," I told them.

"Were? They still are! Mom is still in movies, Aunt Chloe is still doing photography and art, Aunt Olivia is still a dolphin trainer, and our dad and uncles still do concerts once and a while," my twin told us. We were still standing on the stairs while our parents continued to clean up the mess.

"Don't forget Aunt Perrie!" Jacob exclaimed. The front door flew open.

"Still going on with Little Mix!" We looked over and saw Aunt Perrie smiling big at all of us.



NOTE: Hey everyone! We're back! We had a class/grade trip to Washington D.C. which was so much fun... So what does everyone think of the story so far? Like, comment, and favorite please. And if you could, read mine and Chloe's (Carrot_Girl_14) story "All Over Again"

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