I Hate That I Love You (A Jai Brooks Fanfic)

I saw him at the gym and I thought he was cute so I talked to him. Little did I know that he would become the biggest part of my life. He would always mean so much to me, even through fights, loss, and devastation. We would always find a way back to each other. And that's why I will always be in love with Jai Dominic Brooks.


2. This is the Start of Something New

I woke up around 4:00am and couldn't fall back asleep so I decided to go work out at the gym. I rolled up and out of bed but I stumbled a little while walking to the bathroom. I was feeling an emotion I couldn't really describe. I didn't really know what was happening. All of a sudden I heard someone call my name, I turned around to see a shadowy figure standing in the hall of my house and tried to scream but nothing came out.


"BEEP BEEP BEEP!" screeched my alarm clock. I woke up sweating, it was only a nightmare. I've been having quite a few of those lately. Jasmine said it happens when you feel lonely. I guess I need a boyfriend. Ha, like that would happen, I haven't had one since I was 15. Shay says I need to get out more. I haven't been to a club in almost a year. Shay was right, I did need to get out more. But first I need to go to the gym this morning. It was 9:00 on a Tuesday morning so I had time to go, then come home, have lunch and shower before work at 2:00pm. I sat on the edge of my bed with my phone, I texted Jasmine.


me: Hey Jazzy, just wondering if you wanted to come t the gym with me to work out this morning at like 9:30?

Jasmine: Sorry Lyssa, I can't. I'm going out for brunch with my Grandma, haven't seen her in ages! I'll catch you later though.

 me: no problem girly. Have fun with your Grandma, I know you've missed her. I decided to go out tonight...do you want to come? I'm inviting Shay too.

Jasmine: Thanks. And Sure! That would be great to have a girls night out! How about at the Pink Dolphin?

me: It's a plan!


I called Shay and asked her to come out with me and Jasmine and of course she said she was in! I am so excited to finally have a girl's night out. I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and pulled my hair into a high tight ponytail. Next I put on my neon pink Nike Pros and my Nike sports bra and tied my sneakers. I put on my sweatshirt and swung my bag over my shoulder. I couldn't get rid of the new exciting feeling inside of me, something I only feel when I'm cheering. As I closed and locked the door behind me, the crisp air hit me hardly. It was unusually cool this morning. Feeling as if the air was only getting colder, driving to the gym seemed to be the best option considering I usually walk. I hopped into my white Jeep and drove until I pulled into the gym's parking lot.


Usually, I wouldn't come to the gym without having someone to work out with. But, today I had to because Jasmine was busy, and Shay had a dentist appointment this morning. Any of my other friends were all busy on Tuesdays.

I was sort of nervous because I wouldn't know anyone in there. But, as I signed in I started to develope a "screw it" type of attitude. I strolled into the womens locker room and put my bag and sweatshirt into my locker. As soon as I reached the gym, I headed straight for the eliptical. While I was walking, I noticed a really hot guy lifting weights. Staring was not something I particularly liked to do, especially since boys were the last thing on my mind.


After a long workout, I wondered if I should talk to the boy now that I'm taking up a new personality. But then I realized I must look and smell terrible so I decided I'd talk to him tomorrow morning if he was still here. I drove home and took a quick shower and ate a yogurt and some grapes for lunch. I put on some yoga shorts and my "Trish's Tumbling Academy" tie dye tank top. I decided to jog to work to get my blood warmed up. The air was gradually starting to get considerably warmer. Soon enough, I arrived at work. Today I guess I was supposed to teach 6 through 8 year olds. Great, the little kids. It's not that I don't love kids, but THESE kids were so loud and abnoxious and unfocused. Also, for this class, all I can do is set up stations and tell kids not to touch certain obstacles. I was actually kind of happy about helping this specific class today because it would give me more time to think about that guy. Okay, that probably sounded creepy but I'm just really curious and excited. I wondered all different things about him. What could his name be? Does he come to the gym as often as I do, and I just never noticed him? Is he from around here? I also thought about how I'd seen him today. His solid looking abs, straight brown hair, his strong muscles. I also could recall a tattoo of an anchor on his upper back. I sighed and remembered where I am. The rest of the class flew by and it was finally time to go home.


 Shortly after I arrived back home, Shay and Jasmine were at my door ready to assist me in getting ready for our night out. They both looked absolutely gorgeous. "Hey boo, we are gonna make you look fabulous!" Shay greeted me, she had her hair in a loose side braid and she was wearing a tight black cocktail dress with neon pink pumps. "We brought you an outfit and some makeup, this will be fun." Jasmine said, she had her hair swept to the side and noticeably straightened and she wore a short dark purple dress and navy blue pumps. There was no way I could look half as beautiful as they did. They sat me down and got to work by first doing my makeup. Next, they curled my hair. Shay let me borrow one of her dresses. It was off white and poofy with rhinestones. It reminded me of something Ariana Grande would wear. Jasmine leant me some nude pumps to complete the look. Honestly, I never expected to look so good. "You look amazing," Shay told me. "Thanks, so do you. Thank you guys so much for helping!" I said. "No problem, and tonight you're going to be getting all the boys in the club." Jasmine said and we laughed.


We grabbed our wristlets and set off for the Pink Dolphin. Tonight was all about letting go and I soon realized that was exactly what I was going to do tonight. We got to the club I ran to the dance floor, almost falling over in my heels. "Whoa, slow down Lyssa!" Jasmine laughed. I started to dance and I was getting looks from some cute guys, but for some reason the only one I wanted wasn't even here. He was at the gym. I don't even know what is wrong with me because I don't even know his name. I decided to find Jasmine and Shay, assuming they were already at the bar. The air smelled of drinks and sweat and the atmosphere was dark and humid. I spotted Shay dancing with some guy she must think is cute, I didn't care to bother her because she was clearly having the time of her life. I noticed Jasmine's back sitting on a stool at the bar. Jasmine probably wasn't in the mood to dance because she has a boyfriend, Harry. I came up behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders while sliding onto the stool next to her, "Hey,". "Hey!" she replied excitedly. "What are you so happy about?" I asked her, "Oh nothing, I'm just in a really good mood." she replied happily. "Alrighty," I said, getting up, "I'll catch up with you here later," "See ya soon!" she yelled over the bouncing noise. Now to find Shay...


I turned away and tried to find the exit, assuming Shay was outside. The strong scent of alcohol wafted through the air, making me feel slimy and gross. Bumping into random people here and there, I finally found my way to the door. I stumbled in my shoes while opening it, finding Shay sitting on a bench next to the entrance. She seemed disoriented. "You must be drunk," I said. I scurried over to the girl, she grunted when I tried to help her stand up. Her makeup was a mess, I carried her to the car and put her in, then I locked the door. Feeling nervous, I went back into the Pink Dolphin to find Jasmine. Sure enough, she was right where left her. At least Jasmine knew what was going on so I'm pretty sure -or hoping- that she isn't drunk.


 Jasmine and I walked to the car and thank the Lord Shay was still in there. "What happened to h-" Jasmine started to question but I cut her off, "don't ask,". The night was still young so Jasmine suggested we go to a restaurant and get something to eat. We both agreed on how hungry we were so it was decided that the three on us would just go to the 99. I drove of course, and we soon pulled into the parking lot. We entered the place and got a seat right at the bar. Jasmine and I ordered our first round of drinks and a plate of potato skins.


As the night went on, the girls and I just got more drunk by the minute. Once we were finally done, I paid the bill and we walked out. I'm not quite sure how much money I even left and I don't know why but suddenly I didn't care. By the time we walked out of the restaurant, nobody knew what time it was or where we even were. I felt myself start to lose consciousness and then everything went black.



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