My Life

This is a story about a girl who meats the louis tomlinson after x-factor and when they met ,let's just say they made love.what happens when they meet again 1 year later and he meets his son and her.


3. chapter 2

Lyli p.o.v

JB:Hey lyl


JB:I am bored

L:Ok then do something

JB:So that means I can tickle you

L:Hell no

JB:Ok i'll tickle you 

*gets up amd starts tickling me*

L:hahahahahahahahahaha stop J hahahahahahaa stop I can't breath


JB:Your lucky

L:I know I am

I give him a quick peck on the cheek and then run upstairs to check on my baby

Justin p.o.v

I just got off the phone with Usher saying that he wants me to go to the studio to meet some peoplesomepeople  people

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