The Big Brother

Intro: **Harry's POV**
You maybe thinking this just another love story. You're so wrong; this is nothing like those sappy, "I will always love you." stories. No. This is reality and you're about to be struck by it... hard.
My name is Harry, I'm 18 and I have to take care of my baby sister Amelia who is only two. Our parents died in a car crash a few months ago. It was... horrifying to hear about, let alone have to go to the funereal. And after that I threw my whole social life away.
I haven't want a relationship with a girl, I quit the wrestling team. I have dedicated my life to watch after, protect over, to... keeping Amelia safe from harm and danger.
I may sound mean; I may sound over protective, but that's me and that is my goal in life. I love her, she is and always will be my everything, she is all I have. Again, I know I sound more like an over attached boyfriend or dad but it's true. And that's the thing about this story; it's going to be weird. It's going to be heartbreaking


16. Not Again Harry?!

**After Graduation** (3 months Later)


*Destiny's POV* 

In the past 3 months Harry, Amelia, and I have gotten along well. We told Amelia about us and she sounded more excited than us. She now calls me sister and I still babysit her time to time. Me and Harry are going slow and respecting our youth, and that is another thing I love about him. He doesn't take my body for granted. Harry has been working at a local bakery and tonight he is going out with a couple of friends and celebrating graduation. He invited me but I knew he wanted a boys night. So I stayed home with Amelia.


"And they all lived Happily Ever After." I read the last line of Cinderella to Amelia. I tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead. She had fallin asleep somewhere in between the book and now she was sleeping like the peaceful princess she is. I turned off the Barbie bed side lamp and walked out the door. 


I sat on the couch reading Angel the 6th book in the Maximum Ride Series. My reading was interrupted by a car door slamming.


Then a obvious drunk voice said "GO KNIGHTS WOOOO!!" I jumped out of my seat and ran out side. It was Harry, Louis, and Zayn. Zayn being the only sober one was trying to get Louis calmed down and back into the back seat. 


"Sorry Des, I told them only to have 3 drinks."


"And you thought they would listen? Ugh I will take care of Harry, you just, get Louis home." I said a little disappointed in Zayn but mostly Harry. Zayn drove off and left me with a drunk Harry. Not the first time I had to deal with him drunk. 


I threw my arm around Harry and started walking towards the front door, it made it worse because he was putting dead weight on me. 


"I-I-I have to check on 'Melia." Harry said going towards the stairs.


"No no no no no no you need to lay down. Lay down on the couch." I said trying to keep him far away from Amelia as possible.


He then did the unbelievable and pushed me away and flipped the coffee table saying "You can't keep me from her she is my fucking sister!!!" And started wrecking everything. I just stood there in fear of what he was doing. I soon heard small foot patters coming down the stairs and was greeted by a curious Amelia. Harry must have spotted her the moment I did because the ruckus stopped.


" 'Melia. It's me Haz. You're big brother." Amelia looked scared as Harry tried to come near her, tripping on his own feet and the stuff he threw.


I ran and stood between her and Harry, and something must have brought Harry back to reality because he soon noticed what he was doing. Scaring the two most important girls in his life. I soon pressed *2 (Speed Dial) "Mum I need you to pick me up at Harry's?"


Sooooooooo This is what I have had in mind for a chapter.

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