The Big Brother

Intro: **Harry's POV**
You maybe thinking this just another love story. You're so wrong; this is nothing like those sappy, "I will always love you." stories. No. This is reality and you're about to be struck by it... hard.
My name is Harry, I'm 18 and I have to take care of my baby sister Amelia who is only two. Our parents died in a car crash a few months ago. It was... horrifying to hear about, let alone have to go to the funereal. And after that I threw my whole social life away.
I haven't want a relationship with a girl, I quit the wrestling team. I have dedicated my life to watch after, protect over, to... keeping Amelia safe from harm and danger.
I may sound mean; I may sound over protective, but that's me and that is my goal in life. I love her, she is and always will be my everything, she is all I have. Again, I know I sound more like an over attached boyfriend or dad but it's true. And that's the thing about this story; it's going to be weird. It's going to be heartbreaking


5. Feelings and Babysitting

**Destiny's POV**



I was so excited. I first moved to one of my favorite countries, then I get a job doing my favorite thing. I know that babysitting kids doesn't sound like fun to you but to me it's my dream to take care of kids. Plus, I'm Harry's baby sisters babysitter. He's so mysterious and sweet but yet aggressive but at the same time gentle. I don't know why but I'm attracted to him. His broad dark body and his sweet heart makes him hard to forget. Speaking of hard to forget he texted me.


Harry: Can you watch Amelia for a couple of hours?

Me: I guess.

Harry: Just come when you're ready and the door is unlocked just walk in.

Me: Kay.


I waited 30 minutes grabbed my English textbook to do some studying and headed to Harry's house. When I got there it was 7:19 p.m.  I walked in like Harry said I could and he was sitting on the couch watching T.V.


"I'm here." I said closing the door.


"Finally. I'm going to the bar, be back later.  Food is on the stove and her bedtime is 8:30." he stated meanly.


"Okay. What time do you think you will be back?"


"Probably 11 or 11:30."


"Kay. Don't get to drunk." I said joking around.


"No promises." he said laughing and walked our the door.


*6 hour later*


It's 1 in the morning and Harry still hasn't came home. I was dozing off to sleep on the couch when the front door slammed open with a drunk Harry.


"What the fuck Harry?! Amelia is asleep." I screamed whispered.


He slammed me against a wall, put his index finger in my face and slurred, "Y-y-you watch your mouth."


Because of him being drunk and barely holding on to me he was easy to push off. "Harry. Your drunk."


"No dip shit chick." He slurred while spitting something out of his mouth.


"Harry. Go lay down." I said gesturing upstairs.


"Not without you." He slurred while winking. I rolled my eyes, grabbed his wrist and moved up the stairs quietly not to wake Amelia. I get to who I think is Harry's room. I take his alcohol  stained shirt and slip his jeans off of him. I laid him down and pushed the curls out of his face. I waited to make sure he was asleep.


When I was sure he is asleep, I walk down the hallway to Amelia's room. I get out a shirt, pair of jeans, and pair of shoes, and put them in my purse. I pick her up and let her head lay on my shoulder. I write a small note for Harry and left it on the kitchen table. I buckled Amelia into the backseat into Andrew's car seat and got in the front seat and started the car up. About half way to my house I called my mum. 


"Destiny Joanna Smith!! Where on God's Earth are you?!" She screamed through the phone.


"I'm headed home, but we are going to have company tonight. Her name is Amelia and she is 2." I told everything that had happened tonight once Harry had gotten there drunk. I hope that calmed her down.


"Well you're doing the right thing. I'm pretty sure she goes to the same daycare as Andrew so I will take her in the morning before work." She said calmly and relieved, "See you when you get here."


"Bye mum." And I hung up. I knew she was right about me doing the right thing. But I was still scared what Harry was going to say to me when he woke up. Speaking of waking up Amelia opened her sleepy eyes and said.


"Where we going?" In a sleepy tone.


"Um. We're going to spend the night at my house. I s that okay with you?" She nodded her head and fell back asleep. "Hopefully the last time too." I whispered and kept my eyes on the road.


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