The Big Brother

Intro: **Harry's POV**
You maybe thinking this just another love story. You're so wrong; this is nothing like those sappy, "I will always love you." stories. No. This is reality and you're about to be struck by it... hard.
My name is Harry, I'm 18 and I have to take care of my baby sister Amelia who is only two. Our parents died in a car crash a few months ago. It was... horrifying to hear about, let alone have to go to the funereal. And after that I threw my whole social life away.
I haven't want a relationship with a girl, I quit the wrestling team. I have dedicated my life to watch after, protect over, to... keeping Amelia safe from harm and danger.
I may sound mean; I may sound over protective, but that's me and that is my goal in life. I love her, she is and always will be my everything, she is all I have. Again, I know I sound more like an over attached boyfriend or dad but it's true. And that's the thing about this story; it's going to be weird. It's going to be heartbreaking


6. Don't Do That Again


**Harry's POV**

I woke up with a huge headache. Damn it stupid hangovers. I looked t my alarm clock 11:06 a.m. I wasn't worried about school. Amelia can take a day off from daycare. "Amelia!" I bolted out of bed and ran into her room. She wasn't in there I ran downstairs. I got to the kitchen and there in messy handwriting was a letter and it said.



            Amelia went home with me. Text me when you read this.  



I got a little less worried but still I was pissed. I texted Melody.

Me: Where is my fucking sister?

Destiny: At daycare she goes to the same one as my brother.

Me: Where are you exactly?

Destiny: School 4th period.

Me: I need to talk to you later. Meet me in the school parking lot by my nova.

Destiny: Kay. Bye.


I put my phone on the table. I knew going out last night was a bad idea. I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and put on some fresh clothes. I hopped into my nova and drove to the school. I went into the school, and walked into the office. "I need a tardy pass."


"Feel out the tardy screen on the computer." the lady at the front desk said. I filled it out and a sticker with my name and TARDY in big block letters popped out. i walked down the 12th grade hallway, and went to my locker. I got my books for history. Because it was 12:30 when I got to school I went to lunch. Thank God everyone was just getting there food. I got in line, got my food and sat with Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn and their girlfriends. And the rest of the school day went by fast. 


I walked to my nova at the end of the school day. I waited for Melody to come out. I was mad at her, She took my little sister; my life out of my house. I soon saw her and she walked my way.


**Destiny's POV**

I walked out of 8th period scared of what Harry was going to say to me. And of course as soon as I walk out of the double doors, there he is leaning against the exit to the school parking lot. I was more scared of Harry then I liked him. I calmed my breathing when he spotted me. I slowly walked towards him not taking my eyes off of him. When I approached his presence he glared at me. "What?" I said uncomfortably.

"You take my sister to your house and you don't think to ask the owner of her?" he basically screamed.


I laughed at what he said, "Owner really? She's not a dog."


"Okay. Let's try parent or guardian."


"Was getting drunk on a Sunday a good idea?"


"At the time it did."


"One more question and one statement."


"Hit me."


"Didn't cross my mind to ask you when you had me pin to a wall." He was speechless he licked his lips and looked up.


"What's your question?"


"When do I get paid?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out $40. 


"You get $20 for each time you babysit her. And I will give you the total money at the end of the month. So because of it being the 30th of August here you go." He said handing me the money.


"Thank you. Now thanks to you I missed my bus, so you get to drive me home." 


"Where's your truck at?"


"With my mum. We only have one vehicle."


"So I guess you are saving up for a car?"


"Bingo." I said while walking to the passenger side and getting in. He put the key in the ignition and buckled up.


"Buckle up I'm not getting a ticket." 


"Okay I was getting to that." We drove about half way to my house and I asked, "So next time you get drunk. Where do you want me to take Amelia? Because I'm not leaving her in the same house as someone who is drunk alone."


He hesitated then smirked showing his dilated dimples. "You don't have to take her anywhere, because I'm not getting drunk again."


"I don't believe that." I said laughing.


**Harry's POV**
I can't believe she doesn't believe me. But I guess she is kinda right. I hate when I'm proved wrong, but when she does it, it's sorta cute. I smirked showing my dimples again.


"I'd rather you not take her anywhere. I guess the next time, if there is a next time you just sleep in the guest room or on the couch."


"You're kidding." She said I guess hoping I wasn't serious.


"Nope." popping the p at the end.


"Okay." she said under a deep breathe. We pulled up to her house and she out. Before she closed the door I stopped her. 


"I'm gonna need you to babysit this Saturday night."


"Kay. I will be there around 7:30." and she closed the door. I went and picked up Amelia and went home.


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