The Big Brother

Intro: **Harry's POV**
You maybe thinking this just another love story. You're so wrong; this is nothing like those sappy, "I will always love you." stories. No. This is reality and you're about to be struck by it... hard.
My name is Harry, I'm 18 and I have to take care of my baby sister Amelia who is only two. Our parents died in a car crash a few months ago. It was... horrifying to hear about, let alone have to go to the funereal. And after that I threw my whole social life away.
I haven't want a relationship with a girl, I quit the wrestling team. I have dedicated my life to watch after, protect over, to... keeping Amelia safe from harm and danger.
I may sound mean; I may sound over protective, but that's me and that is my goal in life. I love her, she is and always will be my everything, she is all I have. Again, I know I sound more like an over attached boyfriend or dad but it's true. And that's the thing about this story; it's going to be weird. It's going to be heartbreaking


7. Breathe

**Destiny's POV**

*Saturday at 6:30 p.m.*


Before I went to Harry's my mum wanted to take me and my brother out to eat. We went to the local Nando's and ate. My mum wanted me to dress nice so it took me a while but I soon decided on this. 

We get in the car and drive to Nando's.


"Destiny do you think because you are watching Amelia you can just stay there tonight I don't want to come out in the middle of the night and get you with Andrew."


"Yeah. Mum that's fine Harry's probably going to be drunk again so I will have to take care of two babies tonight." I said while laughing at the end.


"Actually I knew Harry's parents before I moved and before they...passed. He is a really sweet boy but does have a small temper."


"I think I know mum. You got to remember I have school and I babysit with him." We pulled up to Nando's and we got out. It was pretty packed but we got our booth pretty quick. I ordered the Portobello Mushroom and Grilled Halloumi Cheese Burger. We finished eating and my mum dropped me off and I walked down the short drive-way. I opened the door. "Knock knock." I said.




"Hey girly. Whatcha doing?" 


"Playin wid dolls. Will you play wid me?"


"I will in a minute I have to check in with Harry first. Okay?"


"He upstairs."


"Thank you


I walked up the stairs. "Harry?"


"Huh? Who is it?"


"Carolina? Who else?" 


"Oh hey. I will be down in a minute."


"Kay." I walked back down the stairs and started playing with Amelia and her dolls. I could hear Harry's foot steps pattering against the upstairs floor. And when they got louder I knew he was walking down the stairs.


"She has already ate but if you are hungry you can help yourself to anything in the kitchen." 


"Okay. But I ate before I got here my mum took me and my brother to Nando's."


"Alright but you know here bedtime 8:30. And I will be back pretty late."


I knew he was going out drinking and partying but I didn't feel like arguing with him it wasn't worth it. 


"Kay. My mum wanted to know if you don't get back before 11 if I can just stay here?"


"That's fine. But I have to go I'm running late." And he kissed Amelia on the forehead and rushed out the door with his leather jacket in his hands. He was running late. You couldn't run late for a night club they go on until about 5 in the morning if not until the next night. He was up to something and I wanted to know what but I think it's better if I didn't know.


*1:05 a.m.*

I put Amelia to bed and went to the living room and turned on the T.V. I was about half way through some talk show when I my stomach felt funny. I knew I needed to puke I ran for the downstairs bathroom. I just made it and I felt horrible. I knew the burger tasted a little funky but I thought I forgot to put some sauce on it. Because of food poisoning not being contagious I went back into the living room and watched the rest of the mid-night talk show. I soon fell asleep on the couch.


I soon woke up again feeling sicker than before I made it to the bathroom and started puking again. I checked my phone in my back pocket it was 2:30 in the morning. I backed away from the toilet and laid my head on the cool wall. I started a coughing and puking in a random order. I wish I could stop.


**Harry's POV**

I pulled up to the house around 2:40 and walked up to the door and unlocked it. The T.V. was on and the lights were off. I guessed Melody fell asleep on the couch but I guess she got up because she wasn't on the couch. I went over to the small coffee table in front of the couch and turned off the T.V. It was dead silent and I started to head up the stairs when I heard like choking coughing. It was coming from the bathroom down the hall. I walked closer. 




She kept coughing. I turned the corner to the bathroom and the bathroom was pitch black but the coughing was coming clearly from there. I turned on the light and there was Destiny sitting over the toilet coughing and I could hear she was clearly throwing up. I ran to her side I rubbed her back and pulled her hair out of the way. When she was finally done she sat back on the wall. I let her sit there for a minute. I could tell she was exhausted she fell asleep laying on the wall. I picked her up bridal style, having her face turn towards me and her arms secured in between our chests. I carried her upstairs and placed her on the guest bed. I was first a little anxious but I soon made the decision to lay down with her. I got under the blanket and wrapped my arms around her. She must have known I was there because she leaned in closer. She must have been cold because she was shivering. She barely opened her eyes and said in an exhausted whispered tone.


"Thank. You." she spoke slowly and fell back asleep. I watched her chest move slowly up and down and soon fell asleep afterwards. 


Omg Thank my Miranda (BELIEBER_FOREVER463) without her I would have deleted this chapter I had huge writers block. But anyways you know what to do.


Polyvore: melodymcelroy

Twitter: @Quotergirl695

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