Katie was never the adventurous type. She preferred to stay at home and finish her English essay or clean her room. Her whole world shattered when her mom told her that she was to visit her grandma in Australia, where on almost every corner there was a creepy crawly waiting for her. She faces many dangers and has to make some decisions that will change her life.


11. Wings

   Katie looked over at Tiffana, who was trying to get on her silk slippers, but her weak fingers wouldn't cooperate.  Katie giggled, overjoyed to have her companion at her side.  She walked barefooted across the tiled floor to aid her friend.

   "How do you feel?" she asked as she slipped on the first slipper.

   "Well," Tiff started, faltering, "I - I guess I'm alright?"

   They both started laughing at that.  Katie's laughs bounced way up to the top of the tall ceiling, but she could barely hear Tiffana's weak wheezes.  She looked at her friend, her face full of concern.

   "Okay," Katie said with a small smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, "We both know that you're definitely not 'alright'.  Well, we just have to get this stupid ceremony thing over with, and then we can get you better, okay?"


   After they had both quickly finished getting their gowns on, Katie supported Tiff down the long hall that lead to the "King's dominion" as Tiff called it.  Upon reaching the door to the throne room, Katie took a big gulp of air and ran her fingers through her short hair.  She re-adjusted the violet bow that Tiff had said went with her hair perfectly.  It matched her long fluffy dress and clipped back her dark bangs.  Another deep breath and Katie had pushed open the double wooden doors.

   The morning sun shone through the window wall - literally a window that took up the whole wall - as Katie elegantly strode across the room, straight to the throne where King Burten sat, scepter in hand.  All of the people of the castle, including Matteo, Melodia, and Cristala, and even the birds that they had helped were there.  They were all cheering her on as she made her way to where King Burten sat.  Katie practically floated along, encouraged by their admiration and support when she finally remembered about Tiffana.  She went back a few paces to help her friend to the base of the dais.  Then Katie and Tiffana stood in front of King Burten and the entire population of the Island of Wings.

   "People of the Islands of Wings!" King Burten's deep voice boomed across the throne room.  The entire crowd settled down within a few seconds.

   "Good people, today, we are all gathered here for one reason, and one reason only.  And that is to give Katie her wings!!!"

   Katie's plastered smile slowly slid off her face.  What? she thought, confused and disoriented, What?  What did I do to earn wings?

  But she could not stand their gaping at the king in shock.  She realized that all the people had started clapping and whistling again, and Katie forced her stiff legs to climb the stairs to stand before King Burten.  She stood their as Matteo gently slipped a heavy gold medal over her head and grinned at her.  All at once, Katie turned to face the crowd and instead of erupting into applause, they all unfolded their wings and hovered above the ground with their right hand over their heart.  For a while the only sound in the room was everyone flying.  Then Katie realized that they were waiting for her, so she looked over her shoulder and to her utmost surprise saw two clear wings folded on her back.  Without hesitation, she opened her wings and flapped them a couple of times.

   And then she was flying.

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