Katie was never the adventurous type. She preferred to stay at home and finish her English essay or clean her room. Her whole world shattered when her mom told her that she was to visit her grandma in Australia, where on almost every corner there was a creepy crawly waiting for her. She faces many dangers and has to make some decisions that will change her life.


1. Summer

   Katie slammed her locker shut.  She adjusted her purple headband in her short dark brown hair and smoothed the front of her loose lavender shirt.  She hiked her heavy backpack higher on her back and raced down the hall to catch up with her best friend, Macey.  Katie could feel Macey's smile even from where she was running.  Katie grinned, I can't wait for summer!  There were only two weeks between her and wonderful summer.  Two weeks that felt like such an agonizingly long time to Katie, but she knew that Macey would be beside her through the boring days that were trying to keep her from getting to summer.

   "Hey Katie!  Cute jean shorts!" Macey's cheerful greeting startled Katie from her daydream about sandcastles, palm trees, and sleepovers.

   "Thanks, Mace.  What's up?" Katie replied, pushing open the heavy doors of her middle school and closing her eyes to soak up the San Diego sun.

   "Not much, but I just can't wait for finals to be over and done with!"

   "Same!" Katie agreed, turning to smile at Macey, "I love what you did your hair!  It really looks amazing."

   Macey gingerly felt her blonde waterfall braid,  "Thanks, it took me like ten tries to get it like this!"

   Katie grinned and continued, "But the best part of finals being over is summer!  And don't forget our first day of summer sleepover!"

   "Come on, Kate, how could I ever forget about our annual summer kickoff sleep over?  Anyway, wanna come over to my house and try to get our English essay done?"

   "Sure!  Let's go!"  And they leisurely walked down the palm tree lined sidewalk.

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