Katie was never the adventurous type. She preferred to stay at home and finish her English essay or clean her room. Her whole world shattered when her mom told her that she was to visit her grandma in Australia, where on almost every corner there was a creepy crawly waiting for her. She faces many dangers and has to make some decisions that will change her life.


8. Heading Out

   Katie blinked her eyes open hurriedly, looking around to see if any of the twenty strong knights had seen her dozing off.  The little group, consisting of the big knights, Katie, and Tiffana, had already been riding their horses since the crack of dawn, and now the hot tropical sun was blazing.  Katie had thought about asking to take a rest, but no body else had seemed effected by the sticky heat that surrounded them in the dense jungle.   

   Katie sighed quietly.  She had never asked for this.  She just wanted to go help Granny.  Katie sighed again, louder this time.  Tiffana heard her over the clattering of the horses' hooves and glanced over at her.

   "You okay?" she asked, the concern obvious in her voice, even though Katie was facing the front of her horse, lost in her own misfortune.

   "Huh?" Katie replied, feeling stupid for zoning out.

   "I said, 'You okay?'" 

   "Oh, ya.  Ya, I'm fine, I guess.  It's just that, well, I kinda just want to go home, y'know?"

   "YES!  I know exactly how you feel.  Why, I felt that way myself a just over two years ago!"

   "Really?" Katie asked, suddenly needing to hear Tiffana's story.

   "Yup.  When my cruise ship sank and I washed up on these shores, I had absolutely no idea what to do."  Tiff dropped her voice, "I had no idea that these guys are practically," she glanced from side to side and then giggled, "fairies!"

   Realization hit Katie like a punch from one of her younger brothers.

   That's why they were talking about wings and being allies with the birds and stuff.  Katie thought, the truth slowly dawning on her.  That's why I need to prove myself.  I need to help them and show these guys that I am worthy to be part of their family and get my wings!  That must mean that all of them have wings!  OMG!  This makes so much sense! 

   Katie suddenly asked Tiff, "Wait a second.  Does that mean that you have wings, too?"

   Tiff looked at her and giggled.  "Uh, duhhhh!  I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't have wings!  I'd probably be dead somewhere in the snakes' kingdom!  People here are born with wings, but since I came here when I was older, I had to go on a journey like you do to earn my wings."

   Katie's jaw fell open.  "I had no idea!" she confessed.  "I had no idea that everyone was a fairy!"

   Some of the knights cast withering glances at her and Tiffana that made Katie clamp her mouth shut.  She hung her head and looked at her spotted gray horse's long flowing mane.

   Suddenly, the small group pulled to a stop.   Katie looked around to see what had happened and spotted a small bird hovering in front of their lead knight's face.

   "We will spend the night here," the large warrior announced to the small group.  "In the meantime, we will train with the birds to get a better understanding of our plan of attack.  We will leave in the morning for the border."

   Katie followed Tiffana as she moved her horse slowly towards the stables which were located at the rear of the giant treehouse where Katie supposed they would be sleeping tonight.


   Three hours later, Katie was hitting the bullseye with her bow and arrows every single time.  When the weapon master had asked her what weapon she used, she had said that she would like to learn how to shoot arrows.  Tiff had told her earlier that a bow was easier to use at far distances, and Katie thought that far distances were more her type of thing.

   "Whew!" Katie panted, wiping her sweaty brow.  "Never knew pulling a string could be so tired, eh, Tiff?"

   "I know, right!" Tiff smiled as she released another arrow.  It hit its target and she turned to grin at Katie.  "Wanna go take a break?  I hear the birds have the best nectar you'll ever eat."

   "Why not?" Katie laughed and jauntily followed her newfound friend down the shady path.

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