Katie was never the adventurous type. She preferred to stay at home and finish her English essay or clean her room. Her whole world shattered when her mom told her that she was to visit her grandma in Australia, where on almost every corner there was a creepy crawly waiting for her. She faces many dangers and has to make some decisions that will change her life.


13. Epilogue

   Katie smiled at Annabell's joke.  Who knew her sister was capable of being humorous?  Certainly not her.  Her grin widened.  Leaning back on the couch, squeezed between Tiffana and Macey, Katie felt as happy as could be.  She flicked the spinner and moved her pink car five spaces.  The Game of Life was a family favorite.  They always played it together to see who would be most successful.  It was Katie's favorite game by far, but she had never realized until that moment that life wasn't just about pay raises and baby girls.  

   Life was about living to your fullest potential and being a light to those around you.  And Katie had finally recognized this.  She had her family, her friends, and her wings, and she was content.  Sure, she had to say goodbye to all the kind people of the Island of Wings, especially Matteo, but he said that he would come to visit some times and Katie found herself already looking forward to seeing him again.  She and Tiffana would also be able to return to the Island of Wings for the Spring Celebration to see everybody and fly freely.  They would have to fly at night, and hiding their wings during the day would definitely bring up some challenges along the way, but they would be ready and would always stick together.  Both of them still had school to think about, but she knew that she would never forget their amazing adventures.  They would always be with her.

   And most importantly, Katie would never forget her wings.




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