You'll always be mine(Harry Styles fanfic) *COMPLETED*

A girl named laura, aged 19,fell in love with Harry Styles. They were together for nearly a year until one day, Harry decided to go on x factor and became world famous and started touring around the world. What happens when she sees and hears about a world famous boy band called 'one direction'?. What will happen when laura goes to a one direction concert with her best friend, Anna. What will happen? read to find out!.......


2. Suprise

Laura POV

We arrived home. Im offically no longer a school student, but an adult I would say. I went to my bedroom to look on my laptop. I logged onto twitter to see a had 50 followers. (dont judge me). I suddenly realised I had gone up by 2 followers. I know its not much but i checked to see the new followers of mine. found them! Ive got someone called @harrystyles and @realliampayne. it didnt bother me that much so I logged off my laptop and went downstairs. My mum was in the kitchen making her usual, tea or coffee. "Hi honey!" my mum said. "Hi mum." I went into the livingroom and turned on the t.v. "Laura, some post came for you today, here....." It was a small envelope with my name and address on the front. I opened it to find a letter. It read:

Dear Miss Laura dawes,

I am happy to say that you have won some one direction tickets attached to the back of this letter....

I stoppped reading and paused. I dont really know about one direction but I did know about Harry being in a boyband but i didnt know what the name was callled though. I decided to send a text message to my one and only bff, Anna. "Hey! Ive got post saying ive won tickets to see a one direction concert... come to mine asap. xx" *message sent* I locked my phone and continued to look through channels on the T.V. Minutes later, Anna arrived. "Hey!" We hugged again and we went to the table in the kitchen. (dont ask why... xD) "Show me this letter then laura." I showed her and she nearly screamed so loud that the roof of the house could of come off. I knew she was a fan of one direction but she seemed so happy by it. "Laura....." Anna said with a shock on her face. "What?" I really didnt know what was going on. "Harry Styles." "What about him?" "He's in one direction." I couldnt believe this.Why didnt she say earlier? I just hope that nothing embarrassing happens between now and then. "Whens the concert?" Anna asked excited and eager to go. I responded with a simple, "Tommorrow." I had ideas flying in my head. "Mum?" I shout. I walk back into the livingroom where my mum was. "Can Anna stay for a sleepover tonight til tommorrow night or even the day after tommorrow in the afternoon or morning please?" This was my idea and i just hope it works. "yes, only if linda is okay with it." I turned to anna. "I'll ask my mum if i can stay for a couple of nights and to brins some stuff over too." This was going to be the best memory of my whole entire life, soo far.

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