You'll always be mine(Harry Styles fanfic) *COMPLETED*

A girl named laura, aged 19,fell in love with Harry Styles. They were together for nearly a year until one day, Harry decided to go on x factor and became world famous and started touring around the world. What happens when she sees and hears about a world famous boy band called 'one direction'?. What will happen when laura goes to a one direction concert with her best friend, Anna. What will happen? read to find out!.......


40. Scan

Laura POV

I woke up at 8:15am. My 5 month scan is at 10am. I sit myself up and swing my legs over the bed. I manage to pull the curtains open and wake anna up. She was excited to come again, what could I say, shes my bestest friend in the whole entire world and she means alot to me. I start to get dressed but I didnt put on my concert clothes yet, as I would spoil them, but I did instead put on some joggers and a turqoise top. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and waited downstairs in the lobby. Anna was going to drive me as Harry cant come again, as he is doing sound checks and preparing for the concert tonight. I see her walk out of the lift and walk towards me and we both go together towards her black audi.

*skip car journey*

Anna POV

I was getting abit worried. I had some really important news to tell her and the rest of the boys and Ive told niall not to tell anyone either. We both thought to tell everyone after the concert. I can remember the signs when Laura found out she was pregnant. Well, I am too. I only found out 4 weeks ago but I didnt tell niall until the second week, but after that I did tell niall. He HAS TO BE the father. He's the only person I slept with the other day. I kind of happened as an accident. We were both ready but I was certain I would fall pregnant. Niall told me not to worry and that if I was, we would raise the baby together and now its like a dream come true. I park the car and go and grab a ticket. £1 for 2 hours but we wont be that long anyway. So, I take the ticket back to the car and go inside the hospital with laura. This will be me soon but I cant keep hiding this from her. Ive got to tell her but both me and Niall agreed to tell everyone after the concert. AAAAHHH! Its stressing me out! I cant cope anymore.....

Laura POV

I was waiting in the waiting area but I could tell anna was getting nervous about something. "Anna?" I asked,"Why are you so nervous?" Her leg was constantly bobbing up and down. She turned her head to look at me. " I-Im not. Am I? course not! Thats sooooo rediculous!" Yep, she's definitely nervous but I just have to find out what. The doctor called my name and Anna followed me close behind. They did the usual and I was getting really bored of it right now. "The baby is healthy and fine. The father is Harry Styles and bla bla bla........" I always knew the baby was Harrys but right now, I dont care. I just want to go back to the hotel and get ready for the concert. I only have 8 hours! I have to do make up, my hair, put on my clothes, catch something to eat........ I need to rest. Soon enough, I did fall asleep on the way back to the hotel and I slept for 3 hours back at the hotel aswell.

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