You'll always be mine(Harry Styles fanfic) *COMPLETED*

A girl named laura, aged 19,fell in love with Harry Styles. They were together for nearly a year until one day, Harry decided to go on x factor and became world famous and started touring around the world. What happens when she sees and hears about a world famous boy band called 'one direction'?. What will happen when laura goes to a one direction concert with her best friend, Anna. What will happen? read to find out!.......


29. It will be ok

Anna POV

I had reached to where Laura was staying. I parked my car behind hers on the drive and got out. I locked my car and started to walk up to the large front door. It stood still,silently, towering over me and saying I was an Intruder. I knocked on the door and took a few steps back abit. Minutes later, My very best friend stood there with blood shot eyes and wet cheeks. Her make up was smudged and I could here little sniffles underneath her breath. I hugged her tight. "Laura, whats wrong? Please tell me!?" She jestured for me to come inside so I did and followed her down the hallway and into the livingroom. She went into the kitchen and came back with a letter in her hands. "Here," She said and handed it to me. "This will explain everything....." I took it from her and started to read it....:

Hi Honey!

Before you start to panick, I decided to leave you this note. I have had to leave early for the america tour and my flight is at 5am before I have a long 12 hour flight. I am going to miss waking up to see you by my side. Im most of all going to miss the very first baby scan. I was hoping I would be able to stay here in London to see my most precious things in the world, but I have to go. I will skype you everyday and hopefully I will be back soon. I will always love you no matter what happens. I will be thinking of you all the time. xxx

Lots of Love,

Harry xxx <3

"Oh, Laura!" Tears were falling silently from her blood shot eyes and more make up was being smudged but I dont think she really cared right now. She sat down next to me and cried. I hugged her and she just buried her face into my neck. "Im sorry, He will be back before you know it. I promise." I said, trying to reassure her. "No.No, you dont know that Anna. For all I know, He could be gone for longer than 2 months. He could be gone for 4 or 6 or even a whole YEAR!" More tears fell from her eyes. I hate to see Laura this way. I really do. But before I knew it, Laura's dog, misty came trotting into the room. "Woof,Woof!" It barked and put its front paws up onto the sofa we were sitting on. "See, Misty is here and she will keep you happy im sure." Her sad face soon turned into a happy and laughing girl. I picked up one of her favourite toys and threw it. "Go get it misty!" And then she ran off to go and get it. "Dont worry Laura. It will be ok. Promise you'll trust me on this one?" Laura nodded her head and replied...."Promise, and always will." Misty soon came back with the tennis ball I threw but she had dribbled all over it. "Ewwww, misty's dribbled all over it!" I took it out of her mouth but she decided to keep it in her mouth and we played a fun game of tug and war. I ended up winning and Misty soon got bored and dropped the ball and went to lie down in her bed. I said my goodbyes and left to go home.

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