You'll always be mine(Harry Styles fanfic) *COMPLETED*

A girl named laura, aged 19,fell in love with Harry Styles. They were together for nearly a year until one day, Harry decided to go on x factor and became world famous and started touring around the world. What happens when she sees and hears about a world famous boy band called 'one direction'?. What will happen when laura goes to a one direction concert with her best friend, Anna. What will happen? read to find out!.......


34. I didnt expect to see you

Laura POV

I opened the door to find a very nice looking room which had all the walls painted in creme. At one end of the room were the 2 separate beds with a small chest of drawers in between them and the other small chest of drawers was on the right side of a bed. I went straight over to one of them and put my luggage down on the bed and lay down on one of them. "Are you tired?" asked anna. It was obvious that I was. I nodded and put my head down on the pillow to catch some well earned rest.

Anna POV

Laura lay down on one of the beds and fell asleep on it. I decided to be as quiet as I could and started to unpack our luggage, starting with Laura's stuff. I unzipped her suitcase and opened the big wardrobe that stood in the middle of the room. I took out her tops and trousers and placed them in one of the bottom drawers in the wardrobe. Next, I got out her shoes and placed them in the main section of the wardrobe. And finally, her dresses I hung up with hangers and closed one of the doors to. I did my suitcase and did the same as I did to laura's. I did a little exploring around the room and placed myself on the other bed. I took out a pair of joggers and a 'loves 1D' top in blue and placed it on top of my pillow, I decided these would be my pjamas. Soon, laura woke up and looked around the room. "W-Where is my suitcase and my clothes?" she asked. "I unpacked everything and put it in the respectable places. You welcome!....." I smiled and she looked at me for a few minutes, then smiled back at me.

"Thank you, anna. But I do have to say, I am abit hungry.... Can we go and get something to eat downstairs?" I nodded, "Sure." I got up from the bed and headed towards the door and Laura followed close behind. Laura went to open the door when I heard a thump coming from just outside my door. I was shocked. Laura had just knocked out someone.... She ran over and bent down ever so slowly. "OH MY GOSH! Im soo sorry,......" she said. I began to realise that mop head of curls, sparkling emerald green eyes, the other 4 boys standing around us............................ ONE DIRECTION!! "L-L-L-L--Laura..." she turned her head to face me,"hmmm." "You've just knocked out......out......" Her face was confused. I didnt want to say it. "Out who anna?" "Harry STYLES!" oops, it just came out. Dont be mad,dont be mad! I thought. Her face went bright red and kept her eyes on harry. "Im so sorry harry!" she said while a tear fell from her eyes. Laura helped him up and he opened his eyes a little more. "No,its ok. Im fine." It was when he looked at laura and I when he didnt stop staring.

"Laura!" "Harry!" They hugged each other tight and intertwined their fingers together. I spotted niall was gone from the corner of my eye. Hang on a minute, he was there before and now..... Niall came up behind me,spun me around and we both hugged each other tight. "I love you Niall," I said and before I knew it, Niall and I crashed our lips together and if we were meant to be. We stopped for some air and saw Laura was just laughing. Whats so funny? I thought. "Where were you going missy?" asked louis in a weird voice. "Oh, Anna and I were just going downstairs to get something to eat and then we 'bumped' into you...." laura replied. "Oh, i was meaning Anna,sorry laura." said louis. The other boys laughed and we headed downstairs together. This was DEFINITELY a shock. I didnt expect to see them here.

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