You'll always be mine(Harry Styles fanfic) *COMPLETED*

A girl named laura, aged 19,fell in love with Harry Styles. They were together for nearly a year until one day, Harry decided to go on x factor and became world famous and started touring around the world. What happens when she sees and hears about a world famous boy band called 'one direction'?. What will happen when laura goes to a one direction concert with her best friend, Anna. What will happen? read to find out!.......


35. A/N

Hey guys! I wont be updating this book or my other one (Mini direction) becasue I am going on a 2 week holiday. Im leaving tomorrow,(Saturday where I live,) and as soon as I get back, I will try and do as much as possible. But for now, I am going to give you some chapters to read not many as I have to pack but i'll do like 2 or 3.

Happy reading!


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