The Game of Life

A 17 year old girl, Katie, is an ordinary teenager with the average life of a popular girl. One day her mom goes on vacation but halfway through, she is reported as MIA and Katie decides she must do what it takes to survive, and find her mom. Can she do what it takes to save herself and her mom........


3. School

Just then the bell rang telling the girls to get their butts moving or they would be late for class.  The girls looked at each other and then booked it to their lockers, grabbed their books for first period and sprinted to English for their first final.  They were just in time, Mrs.Erunalo was just about to close the door,  which would mean that they were late.  

"Girls, you just made it barely this time!  Where were you this morning?  You're usually always on time.", Mrs.Erunalo said.

"Oh, sorry about that, we were just talking to some of our friends..." at the words "our friends" Georgie's face brightened a considerable amount,"And we got lost just, you know,  talking.  And before we knew it, the bell rang!", Chloe said innocently, giving Mrs.Erunalo a winning smile.  Mrs.Erunalo looked at the other three girls, who were also smiling and nodding, and smiled herself.

"Oh, good i was starting to get a little worried!  Anyway, class!...", she said gesturing to everyone in the room while motioning for the girls to sit down,"We need to get started on our final. My favorite!"

The everyone suppressed a groan but Colton.

"ugh!  Why do we always have to have a final at the end of the semesters!", Colton said.

"Colton,  unless you really need have a crush on Miss.Everly and really want to see her today, i suggest that you don't show you feelings for essays.", scolded Mrs.Erunalo.

Everyone, therefore just had to say "Ooooooooooohhhhhh!!!" when she said "crush on Miss.Everly".  To which, Colton gave them all a death glare.  Mrs.Erunalo strode over to her desk and picked up a folder that said, "Junior English Finals", in neat handwriting.  After shuffling through the papers for a few seconds, Mrs.Erunalo managed to finally get out thirty five final packets, which was the amount of students in Krissy's class.  

"Ah!  Here they are!  Okay, you all know the drill!!!  No cheating!  Keep your eyes on your own papers, if I see that any of your eyes are on someone else's paper, you will get a zero!",  explained Mrs.Erunalo, with a hint of demanding in her voice.  She proceeded to pick up the packets, walk swiftly to the first desk and pass out the test packets to the class in an elegent, yet hurried manner. 

"Oh joy!", said Krissy.

"Krissy.", said Mrs.Erunalo in her warning voice telling Krissy to keep her thoughts to herself.

OH.MY.GOSH. Were the first thoughts that came into Krissy's mind as she took in the gigantic packet that was on her desk.  Though she began to calm down as she realized that a big amount of the problems were multiple choice.  Krissy wrote down her heading and began to shade in the answers.

One hour later........

Krissy finally wrote the last word of the last essay question on her final and gasped as she realized that it was her last problem and that she was done.  At this, she got lots of looks from her classmates, mostly of concern.  She stifled a laugh,  stood up, and went to the front of the room.  When she got to Mrs.Erunalo's desk she cleared her throat, making Mrs.Erunalo look up from her computer with raised eyebrows.  She immediately ceased to raise her brows when she realized that Krissy had come to turn in her final and not to ask a question.

"Thank you.", she whispered and took the final.

Krissy walked back to her desk at the back of the room swaggering and smirking at her class mates, who were still furiously working on their packets.  She gave a head nod to Carlie who was also already finished with her final.

After 35 minutes.......

Finally! Thought Krissy as she walked out of the English room thanking Mrs.Erunalo as she went.  Krissy went to the lockers and started chatting with her crush, Kevin. 

"So, um, what class are you heading to next?", said Kevin.

"Science!  My favorite!", she said clapping her hands in imitation with of Ms.Parks the elderly science teacher.

"Oh, i bet!", said Kevin playing along.

"Well i have to go to science, so see ya later!", she said. And with that she locked her locker and walked off to Science class.  When she got there she decided to talk to Ms.Parks.  


5 hours later..........

"Oh my gosh!  i thought that i'd never make it through that!", said Chloe.

"Totally what i was thinking!", exclaimed Katie.

"Well, actually for me it wasn't so bad.", stated Krissy.

"Same!", agreed Carlie.

"You guys are like crazy!", said Katie,"My brain is like sizzling right now."

"Yeah same here.", said Chloe.

"Okay, watevs but any way i gotta go cause my mom said she had a suprise for me.", Krissy said.

"Alright, well i guess i'll just see you tomorrow.", said Katie.

"bye!", said Chloe.

And with that, they all started home.   

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