The Game of Life

A 17 year old girl, Katie, is an ordinary teenager with the average life of a popular girl. One day her mom goes on vacation but halfway through, she is reported as MIA and Katie decides she must do what it takes to survive, and find her mom. Can she do what it takes to save herself and her mom........


2. Georgie

They finally made it to school when Georgie saw them and strode over very quickly.

"Hey guys, i'm having a party in like two weeks, could you guys maybe come?, Georgie said hopefully.

"um....yeah i don't think-", Chloe started to say with loads of attitude before Carlie cut her off.

"Sure Georgie, we'll definitely be there.  Right girls?", she said in a can-do will-do tone.

"Yes ma'am!" said the other three girls quickly as Carlie gave them a glare.

"Oh my gosh!!!!! PERFECT! OH MY GOSH!!!!", said George way to excitedly in a very squeaky voice which just made her look like more of a geek.  

"See ya Georgie.", said Krissy in a dismissive tone telling her to go away before she got shunned.  

"Oh my gosh, Carlie! i can't believe you just did that to us!", shrieked Katie.

"We are going to go to a party with a bunch of geeks because of you!", said Chloe."i was handling it before you showed up and told her we would be there?!"

"Calm down guys-"

"WE CAN'T!!!!!!!!!", they yelled.

"Okay guys calm down and just listen!  Georgie, is a really nice girl, so we can at least act like were gonna go and then all of the sudden, whoops! We can't go, but, we are still so all gonna get her a gift, alright?", said Carlie.

"Oh, so, we actually don't have to go to the party?", asked Katie.

"Exactly.", said Carlie in a i told you so voice.

"Oooohhhhh!  Good idea Carlie.  i thought that you had just gone, like, nuts all like out of no where!  You like totally scared me!", Krissy said starting to calm down.

"Fine, but we don't even know what she likes at all.", said Chloe.

The girls thought for a long time on this one.  Chloe was right they had no idea whatsoever on what the geek liked.  

All of the sudden Katie's face lit up the way it does when she thinks she has a killer idea.

"Here we go.", muttered Krissy.

"Oh shut up, she hasn't even said anything yet.",  Carlie shot at her.

"i know!  We can just get her gift cards to Forever 21, everyone loves that store!", said Katie excitedly.

"Perfect Katie!", said Chloe.

"i know, i'm just so amazing.", said Katie in a mock geek voice.

"Okay, so why we all just head over after school and buy it for her.  We can even put it in a cute little bag to make it look fabulous!!!!", Krissy said excitedly.

"Alright!  Good thinking KK!", said Carlie.


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