One Direction Imagines

if you want an imagine, just comment your name, your hair color, eye color, one thing people like most about you, and who you want it to be with. either comment this information to me or you can email it to me- hollymcharest


12. Maya and Louis

Maya's pov

I was in the kitchen studying when my brother walked in with his best friend. my brother's name was Harry, Harry Styles. they just got in from the tour but I was just gonna jump out of my seat and great him. I mean yeah I missed him but I really needed to study for this test. it's very important for me to get good grades.

'Maya?' Harry asked as he walked through the house. I was to focused on the papers in front of me to realize he had walked into the kitchen.

'I have been gone for several months and you cant even say hello to your older brother?' he asked as I continued highlighting important parts.

'hi Harry, hey Lou.' I said as I continued to work. I could hear them talking but I just couldn't make out what they were saying. then Louis walked over to me and took all of my papers and placed them in a folder.

'hey, I was working for a test.' I said annoyed. then he pointed behind me at Harry who was standing there pouting. I never liked being in the same room as these two.

I got up, out of my seat and walked over to Harry. 'welcome home Hazz.' I said as I pulled him into a hug. he smiled his dimpled smile before hugging me back.

'well, now that that's done I have to go get the other guys. but Louis here offered to keep you company.' he said as I nodded before he left.

'alright Louis I should get back to work, give me my papers.' I said as he shook his head.

'no, I haven't seen you in forever so you have to spend some time with me. or are you to geeky to do so?' he asked as I rolled my eyes.

'you always said you liked my geekyness.' I said as he smiled and nodded.

'yeah but I would also love to spend time with you.' he said as I nodded. we decided to sit out on the back patio and caught up on every thing. I don't care what Harry says, Lou has always been my best friend.

'remember when you use to call me boobear?' he asked as I nodded while taking a sip of my drink.

'yeah, why?' I asked as he shrugged.

'I just miss it is all. I miss hanging about with you. we were always together.' he said as I nodded.

'I miss it too Louis.' I said as he moved his chair closer to me. he was now right in front of me.

'you're a beautiful girl.' he said as I looked down.

'Lou-' I began but he stopped me.

'no, Maya, hear me out. you are very beautiful and I never stopped thinking about your beautiful dark brown eyes or your matching hair. the way your eyes lit up when ever I made you smile. everything about you stayed on my mind until I walked through that kitchen doorway and saw you studying. Harry may kill me for doing this but I don't care because I am in love with you Maya.' he said before kissing me softly.

when he pulled away I looked into his eyes. 'I love you too Louis. you will always be my boobear.' I said as I leaned in and kissed him again. this was the moment I had been waiting for, for a long time.

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