One Direction Imagines

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4. Lani and Louis

Lani's pov

'no Louis stop.' I said as my boyfriend of two years sat on top of me while tickling me. he smiled down at me and stopped while he looked me in the eyes. his face got closer and closer to mine and I went to move away which caused him to fall off of the couch completely.  I started to laugh as I helped him up.

'it isn't funny.' Louis pouted as he looked at me. his lower lip stuck out and crossed his arms over his chest. he looked straight ahead and wouldn't answer me.

'boobear? talk to me. I'm sorry.' I said as I kissed his cheek. he tried to stay serious but it wasn't working. he started laughing before he turned to face me.

'you know I can't resist those chocolate brown eyes.' he said as he kissed me. I smiled at him as I moved to sit closer to him. we didn't really have anything planned except for dinner with Harry tonight.

'last time you couldn't resist how nice my hair looked and now it's my eyes? how sweet Lou.' I said as he smiled while playing with a small portion of my hair.

'well it does look amazing. I especially like the fact that it's black with blonde tips. it makes you look even hotter.' he said with a cheeky smile.

'you don't look bad yourself. but I should go get started on dinner.' I said as I got up and walked to the kitchen. he followed behind and sat at the table to watch like he always did.

'can I help?' he asked as he walked over to the counter that was beside me.

'yeah you can cut those carrots up.' I said as he smiled.

'awe you're making me carrots, so great of you.' he said as I smiled at him.

'for all of us Lou.' I said as he smiled at me with one of those 'we'll see' looks that he always gave me when it came to carrots.

'ouch!' he yelled as he held his finger. I looked over and saw that he was bleeding. he cut his finger. I took his hand and put it under cold water before going to get a band aid. when his finger was taken care of I went back to cooking dinner for the three of us.

Louis answered the door when Harry got there and I did what I normally did when we had Harry over. I greeted him with a hug before bringing them their food and going into the living room to eat. I know I could sit with them but Louis and Harry don't really spend enough time by themselves anymore so I thought it would be nice to give them that chance.

I was about to walk into the kitchen to take care of my plate but stopped short when I heard my name. 'Louis, does Lani not like me?' he asked as I sighed.

'it's not that. she's just trying to give us guy time. I have told her she can stay and eat with us.' Louis said as I decided to walk into the kitchen. I smiled at them while putting my plate in the sink.

'what are you guys talking about?' I asked while taking a seat at the table. they smiled at me and looked at me a little surprised.

'nothing really just about the last football game.(soccer)' Louis said as I smiled and turned to look at Harry. I was determined to show him that I didn't have an issue with him.

we talked for a couple of hours before Harry said he had to go home. after he left Louis didn't say a word but he just went up to our room. I followed behind him trying to figure out what was up.

'Louis, what's wrong?' I asked as I sat on the bed next to him. he looked at me and sighed.

'you completely ignored me for Harry.' he said with a slight pout as he laid down. I did the same on my side of the bed and looked at him.

'I just wanted him to know that I don't hate him. you know you're my one and only right?' I asked as he looked at me and smiled.

'you know you're amazing right? not many people can find a girl as funny and as caring as you are. I lucked out with you.' he said as I smiled and kissed him before cuddling into his side and falling into a peaceful sleep with Louis by my side.

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