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7. Grace and Harry

Grace's pov

I was attending a charity costume party that my cousin was suppose to be preforming at with his band. I knew their band name was One Direction but that's it. he never let me meet any of them and I have no clue who the others were. my cousin's name is Niall Horan. we have been extremely close since we were little but he has become very overprotective when it comes to me and guys.

I was dressed up like a princess for my costume. it was something everyone loved about me, the fact that I loved to act like a Disney princess, you know the nice, caring, thoughtful ones just looking for their prince charming? that's me and if someone messes with me I will go all sorts of Mulan on them. haha.

my blonde hair was up in a fancy bun accompanied with my newly done pink highlights. my tiara was placed perfectly and my gown was so beautiful. it was a pale pink Cinderella type dress with jewels around the waist. I wore a simple pair of nude heels and I thought my outfit came together quite nicely.

I was sat at a table by myself, waiting for Niall who was running rather late. I was on my phone looking through some stuff when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and saw a rather attractive guy with curly brown hair and stunning green eyes. 'hello.' I said as he smiled. I took a minute to look at his costume and he was dressed up as a prince. well, if that wasn't a sign I don't know what would be.

'hello princess, would you care to dance?' the stranger asked as I smiled and nodded. I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor right as they began to play a slow song. we began to dance and I realized I didn't even know his name.

'I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.' I said as I lifted my head to look at him. he smiled at me and I could have just melted right then and there.

'I'm Harry, and you are?' he asked as charmingly as he possibly could.

'my name is Grace. nice to officially meet you Harry.' I said as he smiled. we were quiet for a bit longer before he decided to speak again.

'you know, I wanted to be a prince in hopes that I would find my princess, and look, here you are. just how I imagined it.' he said making me blush. he was just  so sweet, kind of like a cupcake.

'Grace.' I heard a familiar, stern Irish voice say. great. I turned around to see Niall standing there with his face beet red as he glared at Harry.

'oh, you two know each other?' Harry asked not knowing what was going on. wait, did he know Niall?

'she's my cousin, Grace, let's go. you know what I said about things like this, especially with one of my band mates.' Niall said as he pulled my arm. I was so reluctant to let go. I was really starting to like Harry.

he pulled me over to a table and told me to stay put while he went to preform. they sang three songs, one called truly, madly, deeply, another called more than this, and lastly what makes you beautiful. Harry had his eyes on me the whole time and when Niall wasn't looking he would wink or blow me a kiss.

when they were finished Niall took a seat next to me and we began talking. but honestly I wasn't really into the conversation. my mind was on Harry and I couldn't help it. he stole my heart with just one simple look. as we sat and talked a server came by and slipped me a note so Niall wouldn't notice. then Niall's phone went off and he sighed.

'I'll be back in ten minutes, don't move unless it's to go to the bathroom.' he said before walking away. ya see? I told you he was overprotective. I opened the note and it said:

-Grace, meet me in the garden outside before Niall get's back, I have to see you., Harry-

I quickly got up and made my way to the garden where my curly haired prince was waiting for me. he smiled when he saw me and immediately took my hands in his. 'Grace, I have to tell you something.' he said as I smiled at him. but before he could speak, I heard Niall calling my name.

'I am so sorry Harry, I have to go. bye.' I said before I kissed his cheek and left. I found Niall and told him I had been in the restroom. the night went by quickly and soon it was time to go home. Niall was spending the night at my place so I just decided to go to bed early.

but before I could crawl under the covers there was tapping at my window. I opened the curtain to see Harry throwing pebbles. I opened the window and he smiled before climbing up and in. there he stood in front off me, well aware that Niall's car was parked right outside, showing he was there.

'I have to tell you something and it cant wait.' he said as I nodded, wanting him to continue.

'you stole my heart tonight and I cant get you out of my head. from the moment I looked into your stunning blue eyes I knew I had to have you. Grace, I love you.' he said before kissing me. I of course kissed back because I felt the exact same way.

'I love you too.' I said after we pulled apart. he spent the night with me and went home before Niall was even awake. we dated for two years before Niall found out and I managed to convince Niall to let me continue to date him. now, we are happily engaged and about to get married really soon. but all I know is, that night was when I finally got my happily ever after.

(A/N: I hope you liked it Grace. when you said how people like how you act like a Disney princess, I got this idea to give you a short fairytale. I really enjoyed writing this one. thanks for the inspiration. :) )

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