One Direction Imagines

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14. Devyn and Niall

Devyn's pov

I was sitting in the park while playing on my phone. I just didn't want to be sitting in my room all day today. there were actually a lot of people in the park today but I didn't mind. that was until I got hit in the head by a football. I rubbed my head and picked the ball up before a very cute blonde boy came running my way.

'I'm so sorry, we should have been paying more attention to what we were doing. are you alright there love?' he asked while I rubbed my head.

'yeah, I'm fine.' I said before wincing in pain at a sore spot.

'no, I think I should make sure you get home alright. hey guys! I gotta go!' he yelled while tossing the ball back. he held his hand out for me to take before I stood up and we began walking.

when we got to my house I invited him since he was nice enough to make sure I was alright. he sat down on the sofa and I went to get drinks for the two of us.

'I never did catch your name.' I said as I handed him the cup.

'Niall. what's yours?' he asked with a nice smile.

'Devyn.' I said as he smiled. we talked for a little and really got to know each other. he was a very sweet person and we were having a good time until I began to get a headache.

'oh, Devyn, where's your headache stuff?' he asked while he stood up.

'don't worry about it, I'll be fine.' I said as he looked at me a moment and then began to chuckle.

'what's so funny?' I asked while he sat back down.

'you're so weird.' he said while I looked at him questionably.

'it's just that you are the only person I know that doesn't like to except help. you told me seven times on the way here that you were fine and you also told me that I should go back to my friends. I find it weird. but I like it.' he said as I smiled.

'so why didn't you go back if I told you so many times?' I asked, genuinely curious now.

'well, I was drawn to you ever since I saw the ball heading your way. your beautiful black hair and your stunning brown eyes, how could they not catch my attention?' he asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'you think I'm pretty?' I asked as he shook his head.

'no, I think you're beautiful.' he said as I smiled. after that moment, Niall and I spent every night together and we are currently planning our wedding as it is.

(A/N well, I decided to add my friend as my co-author. so from now on when I write one I will initial it HC and she will initial hers EG. just wanted you all to know this for up-coming imagines. I really am trying to get caught up. I will do everyones. it just takes time. I am sorry to those of you who have been waiting.- HC)

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