One Direction Imagines

if you want an imagine, just comment your name, your hair color, eye color, one thing people like most about you, and who you want it to be with. either comment this information to me or you can email it to me- hollymcharest


15. Caitlynn and Liam

Caitlynn's pov

I was sitting in bed when I got a text from my boyfriend of six months, Liam. (L=Liam M=Me)

L: hey babe, I miss you.

M: I miss you too, I cant wait until you get back from the tour.

L: two more days baby, I really want to see you. can you wait that long for me?

M: I can try, I just want to see you.

L: I know, but I have to go now, I'll see you in two days. I love you.

M: I love you too, bye Liam.

after that short conversation I decided to go to sleep. I found it very difficult to fall asleep without Liam here with me. right as I was about to fall asleep I heard noise from downstairs. I grabbed Liam's bat from the closet and went to see what was going on.

I walked down stairs and say the shadow of a body moving around in the dark. my first thought was attacker or robber, so I hit him with the bat and quickly turned the light on. there in front of me, holding his bloody nose was Liam.

'oh my gosh, I am so sorry Liam.' I said as I knelt beside him and helped him sit up.

'no, it's fine babe, at least I know you are all set on your own while I am away.' he said while laughing a little bit. I helped him up and got his a wet cloth for his nose.

I sat on the couch with him and helped him clean up. 'welcome home babe.' I said with a small smile.

'thanks. I really couldn't wait to see you and I wanted to surprise you so here I am.' he said with a smile. I hugged and kissed him, happy to have him home.

'maybe we should go to sleep and we can go out tomorrow okay?' he asked as I nodded. after he said that we went up to bed and I easily fell asleep.

when I woke up the next morning, Liam wasn't beside me and I was scared that it was just a dream. I walked downstairs and smelt something cooking, well burning more likely. I walked into the kitchen and saw Liam cooking.

'what are you trying to do?' I asked as he turned around.

'I'm making you breakfast. well, trying to. how's my crazy girl this morning?' he asked with a small chuckle.

'I am only slightly crazy. and you love me for my crazy personality, you tell me all the time.' I said as he smiled and walked towards me.

'I do, and your soft brown hair and beautiful green eyes. I love everything about you. I have missed everything about you.' he said as I hugged him.

'I missed you too babe.' I said before kissing him. it was so great to finally have him back home.


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