One Direction Imagines

if you want an imagine, just comment your name, your hair color, eye color, one thing people like most about you, and who you want it to be with. either comment this information to me or you can email it to me- hollymcharest


11. Brie and Niall

Brie's pov

I was new at the school but I had no problem with it. my dark brown hair was blowing behind me while I walked and my green eyes were highlighted by my eye shadow choice. I was very excited to start here so I made my way to the office to get my schedule.

when I got it I left and right when I walked out of the office someone bumped into me. 'wow, nice job there.' I said sarcastically as I picked up the things that fell out of my bag before helping the other person gather their papers.

'I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.' he said as I nodded. then I took a moment to really look at him. he was really good looking. he had piercing blue eyes and blonde hair with brown at the roots.

'I'm Niall.' he said as he held out a hand for me to shake. I took it and smiled.

'I'm Ambrielle,, but my friends call me Brie.' I said as he smiled.

'a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. well I better get going. I hope to see you really soon.' he said but I stopped him before he could leave by grabbing his arm.

'I'm sorry, but could you show me where this class is?' I asked showing him my schedule. he nodded and walked me to it before going to his own class.

the day went by quickly and I was stuck with Niall on my mind. I had one class with him and he sat two rows away but we kept looking at each other.

I made my way home and sat in my room until I heard yelling. I don't know who it was arguing this time and I really didn't want to stick around to find out. I grabbed my bag and climbed out my window, only to run into a confused looking Niall.

'what you doing there Brie?' he asked as I walked towards him. I smiled and shook my head.

'I just don't want to deal with them right now. thought a walk would do just fine.' I said as he smiled and we stood there for a moment.

'mind if I join you?' he asked as I shrugged. we began walking and not saying a word.

'so, did you just move into this area?' he asked, trying to start a conversation.

'uh, yeah, I don't really know to much about it.' I said as we continued to walk.

'well, why don't I show you around?' he asked as I nodded in agreement. he took my hand and pulled me so that I was following him. he showed me all around the city. I had a really great time with Niall and I learned a lot about him and I was beginning to really like him.

we were sat under a big tree in a park while the sun began to set. 'you know Niall, I had a lot of fun with you today.' I said as he smiled.

'I had a great time with you today too. want to know something?' he asked as I looked at him and nodded.

'I was actually on my way to see if you would be interested in going on a date with me.' he said as he looked down a little embarrassed.

'why?' I asked as he looked up at me.

'because, I like how confident you are, you seem like a naturally sarcastic person, I like that. I love how wonderful your green eyes are and how well your dark brown hair complements them. I think you are truly amazing.' he said as his face got closer to mine.

'you aren't to bad yourself.' I said as I quickly pecked his lips and then got up.

'maybe I should head home. I'll see you around Niall.' I said as I began to walk away.

here I am four months later and Niall and I are dating. he asked me out the day after and there was no chance that I was saying no to his offer. I couldn't have been happier about the relationship I am in.

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