One Direction Imagines

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18. April and Niall

April's pov

I was sitting in mine and Niall's room, waiting for him to come home from the tour. we really needed to talk because rumors were going around that he was cheating on me with another girl from America. when I heard the door to our flat open I had to use all of my strength not to burst into tears.

'baby? I'm home.' Niall called out from the living room. I already had a bag packed just in case I had to go. I would know if he was lying. I would see it in his eyes. then I heard footsteps making their was to our room and the door slowly opened.

'hey, did you forget I was due home today? you're normally waiting in the living room for me.' he said while I just remained silent. not saying a word as he put his bag down and looked at me confusedly.

'is everything okay princess?' he asked while sitting in front of me.

'are you cheating on me? or did you while you were gone?' I asked quietly while he looked at me a bit taken back by my sudden choice of words.

'no, of course not. why would you think that?' he said while I sighed. he was lying to me. I got up and walked over to my already packed bag.

'April baby? where are you going?' Niall asked while I looked at him. we were both teary eyed at this point.

'I can tell when you're lying to me Niall. I just don't understand why you would do it. but I guess it doesn't matter at this point. so I'm leaving. goodbye Niall.'  I said while picking up my bag and began to leave.

when I went to open the door Niall's hand held it shut above me. I looked down while the tears began to fall freely. 'you cant just leave me like this. let me explain this first.'  he said while dropping his hand and trying to grab mine.

'no, I'm leaving. I might have let you explain if you didn't lie to me. but you did and now nothing you say will make me stay.' I said before opening the door to our flat and shutting it behind me. I tied my long blonde hair into a ponytail and began walking towards the only persons place I could think of.

my green eyes were shedding tears so much and I couldn't stand it. I wiped my eyes but it was no use. I knocked on the door and my best friend opened the door. he took one look at me before pulling me into a hug.

'H-Harry, he ch-cheated o-on m-me.' I cried as he rubbed my back. he pulled me into his flat and we sat down on the couch. we didn't say a word. all we did was sit there in comforting silence.  when I looked over at Harry he was already looking at me.

'can I tell you something April?' he asked while I nodded. he looked down at his hands for a moment before reaching over and grabbing mine. he looked up into my eyes and took a deep breathe before starting.

'he's an idiot. but as big of an idiot as he is we both know you really love him. so you need to let him explain this to you because I'm sure it was just a really big mistake and he's probably crying his eyes out in your flat.' he said while I nodded and stood up.

I grabbed my bag and hugged him before going back home to at least give him the chance to explain. when I walked into the flat I looked and saw the place completely destroyed. I made my way through the flat and tried to find Niall.

I slowly opened the door to find Niall sitting on the floor with his head in his knees and I could hear the faint sounds of him crying. I slowly made my way over to him while putting my bag down. I knelt down in front of him and placed my hand on his knee.

he looked up at me and his eyes widened. 'April, baby I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. it was a mistake and it was the first and last time it will ever happen.' he said while he looked into my eyes and held my hands in his.

'I just want to know why you would do that.' I said while he looked at me and moved over so I could sit beside him.

'it was late and I was half awake and on my way back to the hotel. I had you on my mind and I was missing you so so much. so when I saw this girl who looked a lot like you I was really happy to see what I thought was you. I kissed her, well more like made out with her but I have regretted it ever since. I can only hope that you can forgive me.' Niall said while I looked over at him. I could see the regret in his eyes and I couldn't help it.

I leaned over and kissed him. he was unsure at first but was soon kissing back. when we pulled away he looked at me and smiled a little bit. 'I am so sorry. I wont ever do it again. I love you so much and I never wanted to hurt you. will you please forgive me?' he asked while I nodded.

'I love you Niall. I don't want to loose you either. just don't ever do this to me again.' I said with a smile while nudging him slightly. he smiled and kissed me again before we cuddled on the bed and fell asleep.

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