Steady as the Beating Drum

The Quileute wolfpack have protected La Push since the time of ancestors, but what happens when they notice a mysterious girl, living in a cabin all by herself? And what if they see strange things and hear strange noises, what do they do? Is she a threat to the tribe?


1. Deep Breath

The girl slowly creeped through the forest, a arrow set into her bow as she looked around tentatively. Her heart quickened as she eyed a buck scratching his antlers on a thick tree trunk. She slowed her breathing, her heart beating loudly in her ears as she steadied the arrow bringing it up and aiming for the heart. 

Ba bum

Ba bum


She arrow flew and the buck turned right as it hit him in the heart. He stumbled about trying to run off and the girl quickly out another arrow and ran after it as she placed it onto the string. She noticed a couple of wolves watching, but she kept her eyes on the buck. She noticed a large boulder up ahead and quickly ran onto the rock, getting a better aim of the now trapped buck. She quickly released the arrow and it sailed right next to the previous one. He stumbled as she jumped off and walked towards the buck. He tried to attack her, but instead fell at her feet, the life drained out of his dark beady eyes.

She pulled the arrows out of it's chest and placed them back into her quiver, the bow over her left shoulder as she grabbed it's feet and dragged it along the forest floor. She watched out of the corner of her eyes the wolves watching her tentatively. She set a hand on her arrow just in case of an attack, and walked back to her home. She finally reached the beaten path, she set the dead buck over her shoulder, side stepping traps that she scattered over the path. She walked through the thick brush of pine trees and sighed in relief. It was still undiscovered. Her home. It was kind of more like a tree house, but she built it on her own so it didn't matter. The first level was 15 ft up in the air, and the only way in was through a rope ladder. She climbed until she reached a square opening, and so she pushed the deer through then herself as well. The bottom level was created of metal with wooden support beams. 

Pulling the deer in, she set that onto a wooden countertop, then grabbed the bow and arrow and walked up a ladder where there was a smaller room, then a small set of stairs zig zagging until she reached a small but tall room where the top slanted inwards, like a tepee. She set her bow and arrow so it leaned up against one of the support beams. She looked up at the top and saw the clouds rolling across the sky. It was all windows, the wooden support beams separating them. 

She climbed back downstairs to where the deer lay and prepared it for her dinner. 

((Author's Note: So this is my new story, and comments are appreciated. Here's what I based the tree house off of but I had to photoshop it so that it's more as to what I imagined. I know my photoshop skills aren't the best but I tried my best))

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