Steady as the Beating Drum

The Quileute wolfpack have protected La Push since the time of ancestors, but what happens when they notice a mysterious girl, living in a cabin all by herself? And what if they see strange things and hear strange noises, what do they do? Is she a threat to the tribe?


3. Awoken Secrets

Third person P.O.V

The teenage girl awoke, startled to be on the kitchen floor. She sighed then walked into her room with a quick jog, feeling like someone was watching her. She changed into this:

Suddenly she heard people talking, some raising their voice. She quickly grabbed the knife, setting the vial of toxins in her jacket and ran out onto her deck to see a group of young men below

"There she is!" One cried pointing at her. Her eyes widened in shock and wondered how they found her hideout.

"We don't want any trouble" The eldest started stepping out "We just wanna talk. What's your name?"

The girl didn't say anything , but held an agitated look

"Where are your parents? How old are you?"

She still said nothing, and the more muscular one was also getting agitated "Are you deaf? He asked you a question" 

She scanned over them, searching for the weakest link to use against them. When not finding one, she contemplating killing them all. She went back to her kitchen and grabbed a wooden bowl and pulled out English Ivy, Larkspur, and the venom from a Yellow Jacket stinger. The teen mashed it all up making it into a blueish brown color, then set it into a thin amber colored glass bottle. She walked back over to the entrance, climbing down the rope ladder and walked towards them, then up to their leader. Cut the head off the snake

"This if your you and your comrades" She said handing it to him "It is an elixir that my people use as a peace offering"

"What's in it?" One asked curiously

"Herbs that shall rejuvenate your body and make you healthier" She turned answering him 

The leader grabbed the bottle and set it in his pocket "One more question, what's your name?"

"I have no name. I am only Female Tribute. Now leave me in peace"

They all slowly walked away, but there was one who lingered behind. He was tall and thin but still muscular "Why do you live alone?" He asked curious

"My comrades have died off" She answered, then walked back to her house and climbed up. The one who lingered finally walked off, and the girl quickly rushed through her house and grabbing essentials. She grabbed apples and stuffed them into a bag along with bandages. She quickly changed out of her original outfit and changed into her original get up when the whole thing started. She pulled on a black long sleeve shirt, dark grey cargo pants and pulled on her black raincoat/cargo jacket, setting her knives into the inside pockets for easy access. She pulled her hair up in a high ponytail and pulled black combat boots, but kept the bracelet. She grabbed a small blanket and tried stuffing it into the bag, but then dumped everything out and just decided to wrap everything in the blanket and then placed it into the small bag that was as long as her forearm. She looked around her tree house and sighed. She knew that she would have to leave her home made paradise at one time, but the last year the teen was so isolated that she started to believe that nobody would ever find her. What was so different about her last hunt that it tipped off the locals?

She then remembered the wolves that watched her. It wasn't the first time she'd seen wolves, but that was the first time that they watched her and not attacked for her kill. Were these men shape-shifters, able to change into wolves? She thought over the anatomy of a human and realized that the poison wouldn't kill them, but definitely make them sick. She decided to make it look like someone had come and attacked her, messing up her room and kitchen, pulling out a knife and making scratches at the furniture and then taking anything that could be valuable and burying it at the base of the tree. If they come back to gain revenge, they would find a ransacked home. She took a deep breath and ran off, the sun was balancing high in the sky but the air was cold. The bag bounced on her back along with her quiver of arrows, clutching onto her arrow and running aimlessly through the forest. All the teen knew was that she needed to get as far away from her previous home as possible


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