Steady as the Beating Drum

The Quileute wolfpack have protected La Push since the time of ancestors, but what happens when they notice a mysterious girl, living in a cabin all by herself? And what if they see strange things and hear strange noises, what do they do? Is she a threat to the tribe?


2. A Wolf's Cry

It was the middle of the night, the girl was sleeping soundly when suddenly she heard the trees rustling and wolves howling. She slowly got up and placed a tattered dark green jacket over her pajamas, grabbing one of her knifes she used for throwing. She looked around the darkness completely petrified. When she first arrived she was afraid someone would hear her working on the tree house and take her away, which led to sleepless nights. When it was completed she was afraid that someone would find it and take her away, but she relaxed during the winter and now in the summertime. She had turned 15 last winter, and now felt like she was able to hold her own. She's been able to for two years now, and she has easily killed for food, she had no remorse for death. 

She walked slowly through her make-shift kitchen area and walked out onto her small deck that faced the entrance of the hideaway. She heard barking and quickly dropped to the ground hiding behind the metal wall. She peaked out between a section where only small wooden beams were placed, kind of like an opening, and saw a small group of wolves sniffing around her hideaway. They looked at each other as if they were communicating, and she quickly ran back into her home and another part of the kitchen. She grabbed a vial that was filled with a dark blue colored liquid and placed it in her pocket.

She crawled back to the deck and peaked out, noticing that they were all sniffing around except for one. The one had grey fur with black spots on his back. He just sat there looking up a her with what seemed like a smile. She stared at it and felt a bit safer. She knew that wolves were dangerous, but this one was different. She didn't know why, but it just felt different. She stayed crouched behind the deck and slowly started to crawl back towards the square opening and quickly started to pull up the rope ladder. She knew that wolves couldn't climb, but she couldn't risk the chance...what if they were werewolves, or shape shifters? 

The teenage girl sat in her kitchen, pulling out the vial and placing it on her right side, placing the knife next to it. She sat against the countertop, a small yawn escaping her lips as she watched the door that led to the deck. 


Embry's P.O.V

She was beautiful. Young, and maybe dangerous, but beautiful. Some of the guys and I were out on a run when we found the girl, her tracking skills were amazing, and I knew that she saw us. It's a surprise she didn't shoot at us, with her amazing aim and precision the rest of the pack was wondering if she was a spy, had military training, an assassin or even an alien. Later on we had tracked her scent back to this place. They walked around trying to find other scents but hers was the only one there. I awed at the thought that she built it herself, but Sam said it was impossible. I watched her as she watched me from her deck holding a knife close to her chest. Did she think we were hostile? I just wanna go up and talk to her, but that'd mean I would shift back and I left my shorts back at Emily's. She had crawled back inside and stayed in there for a while, which worried me. What happened? Did she hurt herself?

"She probably went back to bed, which is what you should be doing" Sam telepathically replied "We'll investigate from here"

I sighed, then went back home. I sneaked back in my room easily, hoping my mom didn't hear the light thump of my feet on the wooden floor. I crawled into bed  and dreamed about the mysterious girl

I didn't even know her name

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