Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


13. Wedding Bells

The semi final results are tonight. I'm nervous. I really want to make it. I have to win. I've come way too far to fail now. And if I got eliminated, I would have to go home and who knows if I'll ever see Louis again. I get ready for  the show. I'm gunna get down by the stage early today. Lou and all the other boys are already there. I run into Lou's arms. 
"I'm scared."
I whisper to him. 
"I know you are. It's ok."
He tells me and takes me outside. We sit on a bench and Lou and I hold hands and I rest my head on his shoulder. 
"I don't want to go home."
"I know."
Lou squeezes me hand tightly. I smile and look at him no feel like he really believes in me. He believes in me more than I believe in myself. That happens a lot jut when it does, one of my friends believes in me. Not Louis Tomlinson. Louis is in the biggest boyband in the world. Lou and I sit there and do nothing for two hours until it starts to rain so we go back in. We sit in the corner and go back to doing nothing until the show starts. Right before we have to go on stage, I'm so nervous, I'm squeezing Lou's hand so tight, I'm surprised it didn't break. 
They call to everyone to go on stage. I look at Lou and he gives me a look that says "You can do it." I walk out and look at the crowd. I think it's bigger than normal today. 
"If we call your name, you go through to the finals."
The peoples say. They announce two people. Neither of them are me. There's one space left. I cross my fingers and hold my breath. 
"Julie Davidson."
OMG I'm going to the finals! I can't believe it! Lou was right. I run backstage and jump into his arms and hug him tight. The show ends and Reece and I go home. I fall asleep quickly. I don't have any dreams. I wake up and realize something. Today is the day of the wedding. Lou is so cute in his tux. He gets to see me in a dress though. :( oh well. I'm really excited for Niall and Reece. Reece is gunna spend the rest of her life with a great guy. Liam is gunna walk the ring up because Reece's father passed away. Me, Taylor, Cher, and Reece's mum are gunna help with Reece's hair and makeup. I'm excited about this. At least I don't have to wear makeup though. I just have to wear a bridesmaids dress. I still hate dresses though. We curl Reece's hair and and leave it down. We put a little bit of makeup on her. Just on her eyes and  lips. She changes and comes to show us how she looks. Reece looks incredible. She is so beautiful. We go down to the beach where the wedding is being held. Niall is in the back wearing an amazing black tux. Lou is over by him. I go over to talk to him. He is wearing a similar tux to Niall only plainer. He still looks great though. 
"Wow Julie. I've finally seen you in a dress. You look amazing."
He says. 
"Thanks Lou."
I reply. 
"You look incredible too."
He kisses me softly and we go to make sure everything is ready for the wedding. Soon enough, everything is ready and everyone is here. Niall is in the front now. The doors open and Reece comes out. Everyone thinks she looks amazing. She walks down the aisle. Liam follows with the rings.  When Reece gets to the front next to Niall, the Minister talks a little. Niall and Reece say, 
"I do."
And they kissed. They are now married. I'm so happy. They are perfect for each other. I take Lou's hand and smile. Everything is perfect. 

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