Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


12. The Semi Finals

Lou is helping me prepare for the semi finals. We decide I should sing Haunted by Taylor Swift this time. Lou and I go to a store and get a new outfit. I get a pair of ripped black jeans and a grey and black t-shirt. I have to work on this song more than I did the others. It's harder. Lou helps me practice again. The show is in two days. Lou is gunna take me out to dinner again. I'm excited. We are gunna go to Teds. Teds is one of my favorite places to eat. It's a diner and they've got really good pancakes there. I change into a tank top and jeans with a pair of white converse. I run down and meet Lou in front of Teds. We go in and order. I get pancakes and he gets a hamburger and French fries. We eat and then go outside. We go down to the lake where Louis first asked me out. We sit down and hold hands. Lou breaks the silence. 
"You no, we aren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet."
He tells me. I nod. 
"Can we change that?"
He asks. 
"Yes of course."
I tell him. He kisses me softly. I smile. 
"I love you."
I say. 
"I love me too."
I laugh. 
"And you."
He adds. We hold hands until I have to leave. I say goodbye to Lou and go back to the hotel. Reece is in our room. She has a diamond ring on her finger. 
"Hey Reece! What's up?"
I ask. 
"Umm, Niall and I went to the movies, he proposed to me, and he took me out to Nandos again. You know. The usual."
"OMG did you just say he proposed to you?"
"OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I'm so exited for you!"
"I think I can top that. Do you want to be the bridesmaid?"
Reece asks. 
"And you and Lou can help out. I'm gunna have all the boys come, Ed come, Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Niall's family, and my family come too."
"Yay! I'm so exited! When and where is it gunna be?"
"On a beach and I don't know when. Niall didn't say."
"Ok. I'm still so excited!"
Reece smiles and I sit down on my bed. I text Lou in case he hasn't talked to Niall yet. I wait for him to reply and I watch a movie. I watch The Hunger Games. I'll take a few breaks so I can sing Haunted a few times. I can't go home now. Not after everything I've been through. It gets late and I fall asleep watching the credits which take about 10 or 15 minutes to finish. I sleep. 
Lou and I walk on a beach. No one is here. Louis and I are holding hands. All of a sudden, he stops and bends down on one knee. 
"Julie, will you marry me?"
He asks. 
"OMG yes!"
He slips the ring on my finger and we kiss. 
*End Of Dream*
*Different Dream* 
Lou and I get ready for the public reaping for The Hunger Games. I'm nervous. 
I don't wanna be reaped. I will die for sure. We walk into town together and get ready for the reaping. It's always ladies first. I will find out if I am gunna die earlier. The person doing the reaping wishes us a happy Hunger Games and dips her hand in the bowl. 
"Julie Davidson."
Great. I'm gunna die. 
"Out male tribute is Louis Tomlinson."
Great. I'm gunna have to kill my boyfriend. We go to the Capitol and have training and then the games start. I'm standing in the tubes waiting for the gong to ring. It rings and everyone runs. I try to get a backpack but get distracted seeing Louis running and a career is about to stab him. The knife hits his side and...
*End Of Dream*
I jump out of bed. I realize it was just a dream and everything is gunna be ok. It's 5:30 so I decide just to wake up and not go back to bed. I sing Haunted and read a book. My friend is making me read the Percy Jackson books. When Reece gets up, we decide to go look for a wedding dress. We go to the store and look at 10 different dresses. She gets a silk, strapless dress with a very simple flower pattern. She looks beautiful in it. Reece buys it and we hang it up in the hotel. We were at the dress place all day and right after we get home, I have to change for the show. I get changed and go to the stage. Lou is already there. I run up and hug him. He hugs me back. The show starts. Two people perform and then I have to. I walk on stage and the music starts. 
"You and I walk a fragile line. I have known it all this time but I never thought I'd see you break..."
I sing. The song finishes and the judges say I was amazing and I deserve to go to the finals. The crowd goes crazy and I leave. After everyone performs, I go to the hotel with Reece. We fall asleep quickly. I don't have any dreams though. 

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