Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


5. The Live Shows

Reece and I go to the stage in the morning. I see all of the other contestants. We see Jay walking over to us.


I say.


She replies. I can tell that something is bothering her.

"What's wrong?"

I ask.


 I can tell that's a lie though. Reece pulls me aside.

"Her boyfriend broke up with her yesterday."

She tells me.

"Oh. Who was her boyfriend?"

I ask.

"No one famous. His name is Eric."

I nod. I feel bad for Jay. She's a really nice girl. She must be broken. If I have ever had a boyfriend, I would be heartbroken if he broke up with me. That's why the only people that I'll ever date are Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. Simple as that. If you aren't them, then you're out of luck. I won't date anyone else. I love the boys in One Direction so much. Only horses are up there with them and maybe my iPod. I couldn't live without horses, my iPod and One Direction. They're so amazing. I love them all. With all my heart. I go over and meet some of the other contestants. I also get to talk to Simon, Ed, Demi, and Cher. They give me advice to help me do well. I don't want to leave like Catherine. I just wanna meet One Direction. I'm alright with getting sent home after that. Maybe real life will be like my dream. Louis will fall in love with me and propose to me on a beach. People can dream though. I'm really hungry. Reece and I get lunch. We go to Nandos, Niall Horan's favorite restaurant. It's really good. Then we go back to the hotel and I rehearse The A Team. Reece says that I'm doing really well and I have a great chance of staying in the competition. Then Sammy and Jay come in. They listen to me sing and like it. That's good. But who knows. Simon, Demi, Cher, and Ed are huge people in music. I also have a ton of competition. These are all great singers that I'm competing against. You have to be good to get to the live shows in the X-Factor. Tomorrow is the first performance. The next day will be the results and Taylor Swift will be performing her song 22. I can't wait. I love Taylor too. Some Directioners don't think I'm a true Directioner because I like Taylor Swift but I've liked Taylor since before One Direction was even formed. I don't like her as a person too much but she has really good music. Not as good as One Direction, but good. I fall asleep listening to The A Team. It's such a beautiful song. Then all my Ed Sheeran songs go on shuffle. Kiss Me comes on. That song is beautiful too.


I am on a double date with Louis. We are with Reece and Niall. We walk quietly along the ocean with only the sound of waves. Then Louis takes me over to a tree. Then he kisses me. It's a sweet, gentle kiss. I kiss back. I see Niall and Reece kissing. They're so cute together. Louis beeps down on one knee. He pulls out a tiny box and kneels on one knee.

"Julia, will you marry me?"

He asks.

"Omg yes!"

I hug him. He kisses me again.

*Dream Ends*

I wake up. Why did I have that dream again only with Reece and Niall too. This is really weird. Now it's time for dinner. I'm hungry too. When we get back, I rehearsed The A Team a little more. Then I watch a movie and fall back asleep. It's a dreamless sleep. When I wake up, I realize that it's the first day for the live shows. I start to freak out. It's only 7:30. Reece is still sleeping. I wake her up and we get breakfast together. I'm ready for my performance, but I'm still scared. Reece, Sammy, and Jay comfort me. I feel a little better. I wait for tonight. They aren't telling us what order we will be in, so I might be first. I'm not good at going first. I'm good at going last so I can watch and see what everyone does. We are all backstage. We wait to go on. I am wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a plaid shirt. I'm wearing my blue high top converse. I have to say I look good. To my surprise, Cher called ME out first. I'm so scared. I walk out and sing. The judges comment. They're all good. The best comment was Ed's comment. He really likes me. After I'm done, I run backstage and collapse on a couch. Reece congratulates me and then we go back to the hotel and eat. Then I fall asleep worrying about the results tomorrow.

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