Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


14. The Finals

This week, we have to sing a song that we've already done with the original artist. I want to get Ed Sheeran to sing The A Team with me. Lou thinks that's a great idea too. I find Ed by the stage and I ask him. He says of course and I go to practice with Lou a little until I could practice with Ed. The thing I'm worried about, is that when I sing with Ed, I'll sound like I have an awful voice because he has such an incredible voice. I don't care though. We make plans to rehearse tomorrow at 10 AM to 12. Same time for the rest of the week. I'm excited for this performance. Lou takes me on another date to celebrate my birthday today. We go to my favorite pizza place, Michalangelos. We order a large pizza and eat 3 slices each. I'm full. I still get a large ice cream when Lou takes me to the ice cream place next door though. I get vanilla ice cream in a sugar come with rainbow sprinkles. Lou gets chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. We eat in silence. Lou is the one who breaks it. 
"Do you know how much I love you?"
He asks me. I look at him. 
"Not as much as I love you."
I reply. He laughs. 
"Not true."
Lou doesn't reply. He knows how stubborn I am. Instead, he kisses me softly.  I kiss him back. Then we go back to my hotel. Reece has already moved in with Niall, so now I'm alone. Lou stays with me to watch a movie though. We watch Despicable Me 2. It's hilarious. Lou and I laugh the whole time. After the movie is over, Lou has to leave to help the other boys write a song. I say bye to him and sit there doing nothing for a while. I fall asleep. When I wake up, it is the next morning. I get dressed and ready to meet Ed to rehearse. I'm a little nervous. I don't know how the rehearsal is gunna go. I hope it goes well. This is the most important week. This week determines if I win or loose. I have to win. It's like the Hunger Games. Even if you get second place, you are still dead. The same with horse races. It only counts if you win. At least this isn't life or death. I leave the hotel and go to the stage. Ed is already there. We start rehearsing right away. We figure out the harmonies and when Ed comes in. We do really well. At 12, we finish up and I go out to find Louis. He's hanging out with Harry. I walk up to them. 
"Hey Lou. Hey Hazza."
I say. 
"Hey Julie."
Harry says. 
"Hey beautiful."
Lou tells me. I don't get it. How does Lou think I'm beautiful? I'm ugly. How does the world think I'm talented? I have no talents. How do people even like me? I just feel like nobody likes me and I'm a little nobody. Everyone thinks I'm untalented, ugly, and unlikable. 
"Are you alright Julie?"
Lou asks. He must see that I'm not right. 
"Not really. You don't feel that way, do you Lou?"
I ask. I'm almost in tears. 
"What way? What's wrong?"
"Do you hate me and think I'm untalented and ugly like everyone else?"
"What? No! I love you! Where would you get the idea that no one likes you?"
"Because no one does!"
I blink back tears.
"Everyone likes you. I love you. Your beautiful."
"No I'm not."
I say. 
"Are you lying of do you actually mean it?"
I don't wait for him to respond. I run off to my hotel room and cry. I think everyone lies to me. All I want is honesty and people being fair to me. I don't want to live a fake life. A few minutes later, I hear a knock on the door.
"Come in."
I say as I wipe my eyes. Lou walks in. 
"What's wrong babe? You can talk to me."
"Do people actually like me and think I'm talented?"
I ask. 
"Of course they do! You're amazing!"
"But I'm not though."
"Yes you are."
He doesn't even let me respond before his lips crash into mine. He kisses me. It feels so good. I don't want this moment to end.
"You are beautiful. No matter what anyone says."
Lou tells me when the kiss breaks. I nod and squeeze his hand. Lou stays with me for the rest of the night. The rest of the week goes by and I am ready for the show. Ed and I run the song and then get ready to perform it. When its time we go onstage and perform. After we're done, the crowd goes crazy. I leave the stage and sit in Lou's arms until we leave. Tomorrow, the show will be over. And we will know who the winner is. I'm nervous. I can't sleep at all for the entire night. In the morning, I get into my favorite outfit. A pair of blue skinny jeans, a black t shirt, and teal converse. Lou and I are gunna hang out all day. He tries to take my mind off of being nervous. I even fall asleep for a little bit with my head on his shoulder. He wakes me up and we get ready for the show. I start freaking out again. 
We get to the stage early. We wait there until the show starts. The show starts and Imagine Dragons performs Radioactive. It's amazing. Then are the results. First, thee person in 3rd gets called. I pray for it not to be me. It isn't. I'm either first or second. Then there is a commercial break. After the commercial, the final results are in. 
"In second place,"
I hold my breath. 
"Is Julie Davidson."
I'm second. This is awesome. I wish I was first, but now I've got an amazing music career ahead of me. I see Lou backstage smiling. I run back and he picks me up in his arms. We go home when the show is over. I lay in my bed and fall asleep. 
I'm in the Hunger Games. There are only two tributes left. Me and this one other guy. He finds me in a tree and stabs me to death.
*End Of Dream*
*Different Dream*
I'm Sham racing against Secretariat. I get second and run the second fastest time ever, but no one recognizes me.  
*End Of Dream* 

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