Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


8. The Best Moment Of My Life

Tonight I will watch One Direction's performance backstage. It will be so amazing. This is what I came here for. And to have my dream of being on the X-Factor and proving that "I'm more than just a piece in their games" -(Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games, best book ever). Before the show, we get to go down to the lake because it is a really hot day. The lake is for the contestants, but One Direction comes with us. That means they're shirtless. They're so hot. I wear a bikini. I'm with Louis every second I can and Reece is with Niall every second she can. We are trying to get to know them really well so they can fall in love with us. I want to be with Louis forever and never leave his side. What's good is that Niall is single and Louis just broke up with Eleanor. That means Elounor is over. He's all mine now. Well, really mine and Harry. You can't take Louis away from Harry. No one can. We wait for the performance. I can't wait. If I make it through, this will decide rly be the best day of my life. Louis called me love earlier and I met One Direction and they are talking to me. I think I'm the one freaking out most about them being here. Reece is going crazy too, but not as bad as me. I'm a fangirl. I've fangirled over bacon before. And when I almost met Ron Turcotte and some amazing racehorses. I was just standing at Belmont Park on Belmont Stakes day and there he was. Signing autographs. And I thought that was the best moment o my life. Dreams do come true. The show is gunna start at 7:00 tonight. It's gunna start in 3 hours. Louis walks up to me.

"Hey Julie."

"Hi Louis!"

"So, I was wondering if you would kinda like to go out for dinner before the show?"

"OMG Louis YES! I would love to!"

"Great! See you then!"

He hugs me. I hug him back. I run over to Reece.

"I've got huge news!"

I tell her.

"Me too. You go first."

"Ok. Louis just asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him before the show. And he hugged me!"

"Omg! Niall said he wanted to take me to Nandos!"

We start fangirling together. I can't believe it.

"What are we gunna wear?"

I ask Reece.

"I don't know! Something cute?"

"Yea like what though?"

"When we go back up to the hotel we can pick something out."

"Ok. What time is it? Should we head back soon?"

"It's 4:15. We should go at 4:30 so we have time to get ready for our dates at 5:00 and the. Eat, then get ready for the show that starts at 7:00."

"Ok. Tell me when it's time."

I say. Reece nods. I walk back over and sit on the ground next to the lake. I stick my feet in the water. Louis sits beside me.

"You know you have really pretty eyes."

He tells me. I blush.

"No I don't. You're the most hot and handsome person ever. I really love you and that's not just being in One Direction. You're talented, sweet, funny, amazing..."

He smiles.

"I love you because you're pretty, you don't need to cover your face in makeup, you have your own style, you're creative, smart, and a really nice, talented person."

I think I heard that wrong.

"Did you say you just love me?"

I ask. I need to make sure.

"Yea. Why? Is that ok? Is there something wrong?"


I say quickly.

"It's perfectly fine. I love you."

I tell him as I rest my head on his shoulder.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend before me?"

Louis asks me.

"No. I've never been interested in anyone I know. I have a type. That's One Direction. Specifically, Louis William Tomlinson."

He picks up my hand and holds it. We sit in silence for a couple minutes. Reece walks over to me.

"C'mon. We have to go."

"Ok. See you later Lou. I love you."

I stand up and walk to the hotel with Reece. When we get in our room, she comes down with questions.

"What were you two talking about?"

She asks.

"He told me he loves me."


"Yup. And he asked me if I had any other boyfriends before him!"

"You're lying!"


"Omg I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks. How's Niall?"

I ask this time.

"Great. He's really sweet."

"Aww. You're so cute together!"

"I know. And I have one more question for you. Was I imagining it or were you two holding hands?"

"Nope. He was holding my hand. It wasn't even just for a second! It was for a few minutes!"

"Omg. Well we have to get ready."

I agree. I look through Reece's clothes to find something cute to wear. I pick skirt and a navy blue top with black 2" heels for her to wear. She try's it on and she looks amazing.

"This is hard to find something for you!"

Reece exclaims.

"Like seriously, do you have any skirts or dresses?"

"Nope. I don't wear them. I hate them."

"Fine. I'll have to pick something else."

She picks a pair of black skinny jeans with a white top with a black jacket over it. I wear my teal, high top converse as usual. We are ready and just in time too. Louis and Niall are waiting for us outside of the hotel. Louis grabs my hand.

"You look really good babe."

He says.

"Thanks but you look better."

We smile.

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