Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


4. Cher's House

Great news. Jasper threw a shoe so I can't ride him and the farrier isn't coming soon enough so I've been riding one of the haflingers, Navigator. He's awesome but not as awesome as Jasper. No one is. But I have to ride Navigator until I leave for Cher Lloyd's home. I get ready to go. I practice Safe And Sound. I will leave tomorrow. I sleep until then. My mom drives me to the airport. I get on the plane and we fly there. I get to Cher's house. It's amazing. I see Catherine there. I also see one other person there. It's Cher's maid. Her name is Reece. I also see her cousin, Jay. Reece is 19 and Jay is 17. A girl named Sammy is helping out with everything. Then Cher comes to greet us. She's really nice and fun. Catherine and I are so excited and nervous. Catherine is gunna sing Change Your Life by Little Mix. Some other contestants arrive. There are 8 of us total in the teens. This time I am the first to perform. This is scary. Catherine is last. We have a day to get settled in before the performance then another day before the results. We go to our rooms and my roommate is Reece. She is really nice. She's older than me, but she's awesome. I get ready for tomorrow an then I go to bed. I have to be rested for tomorrow. I can barley sleep. I get up early and practice more. I'm gunna perform at 10:30. When its time, I walk out. I sing Safe And Sound. Then I go back and relax. I did my best and I'm calming down now. Everyone goes then Catherine sings. She does great. We go to the beach for the rest of the day. I think I'm going home. I don't want to, but I probably am. I can't keep pulling this off for much longer. Oh well. I'll just go back and spend every second of the rest of my life at the barn with my crushed dreams of meeting One Direction. I will never meet Louis Tomlinson. I won't have anything of what I want. But Cher hasn't said no yet. Cher Lloyd is the barrier between life and death or in this case going home or going to the live shows. I text my best friend all night. She always has faith in me. In the morning I eat breakfast and wait for the time that Cher gives us the results. She calls up a girl that I do t know her name first. She goes through. Then she calls ME! I walk over to her. She tells me her concerns about me and what she likes about me.

"I've made a decision."

She tells me. I take a deep breath.

"You're going to the live shows."

I scream in joy. I hug Cher and run over to Catherine and Reece. Catherine goes out next. We wish her luck. After a few minutes, she comes back crying.

"I didn't make it."

She says. I feel so bad for her. Sammy gives her a box of tissues. Catherine leaves and I stay waiting to see who else is out. Four of us stay and four of us go. Another person comes back in tears. So far it's two staying and two leaving. One more person comes back happy and another sad. One more staying. The person who ends up staying is a girl named Angela. Me, Angela, a guy named Kris, and a girl named Kylie are going to the live shows. I call my family and tell them the news. We are all so happy. Then I call Izzy. She's proud of me.

"I told you that you could do it."

She tells me.

"I miss you."

I say. I hang up and go comfort Catherine. She's really sad. We fly home together. I pack for the live shows and I visit Izzy. I go back to the airport and fly to London where the live shows are gunna be. One Direction is gunna perform the third week that the live shows are on air. I just have to make it until then. I see Reece and Sammy backstage. I go over to them.

"Hey guys."

I say.


They reply. They help me pick the first song I'm gunna sing for the live shows. We chose The A Team by Ed Sheeran. That's one of my top five favorite songs that aren't One Direction. The others five are Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, Payphone by Maroon5, Wings by Little Mix, Dont Let Me Go by Harry Styles, and Haunted by Taylor Swift. My top three favorite songs ever are What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, Forever Young by One Direction, and all the other One Direction songs are tied. One Direction doesn't have one bad song. It's true. I hope I do get to meet them. It's always been my dream. It's late. I go to my hotel room. I fall asleep quickly.


I am walking on a beach in the moonlight with Louis. We are holding hands.

"I love you."

He tells me.

 "I love you too."

We walk another few minutes. Then Louis tells me to stop walking. He bends down on one knew and opens a tiny box with a beautiful diamond ring in it.

"Julia, will you marry me?"

He asks.

"OMG yes!"

I scream. He grabs me in his arms and kisses me.

*Dream Ends*

 I wake up, smile to myself, and fall back asleep.

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