Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


2. Bootcamp

I am going to Bootcamp. I'm so excited and extremly nervous at the same time. At the live shows, One Direction always performs and the contestants get to meet them. I dream abuut meeting them. I would die. Especially if I got to meet Louis. I love Louis. He seems different than the other boys. I would really die if I got to meet him. I don't think I'm getting through Bootcamp though. I'm already so nervous. After Bootcamp, I would go to the judges homes. Then the live shows. then winning a big record label and five million dollars. That's too much. I will be lucky if I get through Bootcamp. I go to the barn and ride Jasper before we leave back to the X-Factor. It makes me happier amd feeling like I can do anything. I was jumping and that makes me fly. Its almost impossible to fly without a horse, but its also impossible that a shy, little girl is going to Bootcamp on the X-Factor because the judges love me. I think its just a dream and I will wake up and everything will be over. That can't happen. I've already freaked out enough at my first auditionfor it to just be a dream and not true. I think my life is a dream. How often do you get the best horse in the world and going to Bootcamp on the X-Factor? How did God make a boy band so amazing, talented, and hot actually live? Other things seem perfectly realistic. Like the fact that my friend and her boyfriend can't talk to each other much and one of my other friends misses her boyfriend so much on weekends that she cries and... My thoughts are interrupted.

"Cadence! You ready to go?"

I hear my mom yell from downstairs. I grab my first ever horse show ribbons and the ribbons that I won at my first show with Jasper. They give me courage. I also pack all the pictures of the horses I love.

"Yup! Coming!"

I yell back. I go downstairs amd wait for my sister. We leave for the airport. We fly off to London. I am practicing my song or sleeping the whole time. I have decided to do "Misery" from Maroon5. I am able to sing almost all the words without music now. I'm still not ready though. I don't think that I will actually be able to do this. I was lucky the one time. How long can luck last? I pull out my ribbons and pictures. I run my fingers over the soft cloth of the ribbons. I look at a picture of Jasper playing and another of us going over a large jump. I feel a little bit better. Not much, but a little. I think about riding. Jumping and running the barrels. Even thinking about that makes me feel like I can do anything even though I can't. We get off the plane. My parents and my sister take me to teh stage before they have to leave. I say goodbye and walk out onstage. I see someone that looks familiar. She's my best friend Catherine. I riun up to her.

"You never told me that you were auditioning on the X-Factor!"

I exclaimed.

"I wanted to surprise you at Bootcamp. You told me that you were auditioning and I knew you would go through. I'm just really surprised I got through!"

She said. I sit down next to her and wait nervously for the judges to come out onstage. Thankfully, I am going to perform more at the end of the girls' auditions. Catherine is freaking out. She has to go second. I know that she will do great and she is an amazing singer though. The first person goes. Her name is Jennifer. She isn't very good. She messed up some lyrics and the rhyhtms. I know because she did What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I know every word and how the rhythms fit into the music. I know who sings each part and what's happening in the music video at each part. I know this and I know she messed up. Catherine is up next. She's nervous. I know that she'll do great though. She performs and I was right. A bunch of people went and finally, its my turn. I freak out. I walk backstage for a minute and try to calm down. I go and walk out on stage.I start to sing Misery. When I finish, people clap. I messed up again though. I wouldn't be surprised if I got sent home though. Catherine will be here though.She'll be great and become a star. When we are finished,we go to get a  snack. I get M&Ms. We go back to the stage. They divide us into three groups. Catherine is in the first groupand I'm in the third. Catherine's group goes out on stage first. She looks scared. I know that this group is going through. I'm right. Catherine is really excited to go to the judges homes. Group two, a smaller group goes out next. They are all sent home. I'm scared now. What if my group is going home? We walk out on stage and wait for the results. Will I go through?


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