Julie Davidson is a contestant on the X-Factor UK. It has always been her dream to meet the boys from One Direction- especially Louis. Will Julie make it far enough to meet them?


15. After The Show

Everyone is proud of me for getting second. Even Lou is happy that I did better than him when he was on the show. Even the judges are happy too. Lou and I go to the lake where he first asked me out. We sit with our feet I'm the water like we did the first day. We hold hands and I rest my head on his shoulder. I see Simon Cowell walking up to us. I stand up. 
"Hey Simon!"
I say. 
"Julie, I know you didn't win. You were one of my favorite acts though. How would you like a record deal with my record company?"
He asks. 
I exclaim. 
"Ok. You will be coming to the studio to record your first single next week."
He says. 
"But I can't write songs."
I tell him. 
"No problem." 
He tells me. He turns to Lou. 
"Louis,  you are gunna write Julie's first single."
Lou smiles. 
"Of course."
"Great. See you later." 
Simon walks away. 
Lou exclaims. I hug him. 
"I can't believe that Simon Cowell just offered me a record deal!"
"I can. You deserve it."
He whispers as he pulls me in for a kiss. He kisses me. When the kiss breaks, we go to tell Reece and the other boys the news. We meet up with Reece and Niall at Nandos. Lou tells them about my recording contract. 
"OMG! That's amazing!" 
They tell me. We talk to them for a little while and then go to find Harry, Liam, and Zayn. We tell them. They are so proud of me. I've now got the contract that One Direction had when they were first signed. If I can be as sucessful as them, that would be so amazing. After we tell everyone, Lou and I go to the movies and watch The Smurfs 2. It's really good. We eat a lot too. We get a large popcorn, cookie dough bites, M&Ms, licorice, and Oreos. When the movie is over, I go back to my hotel room. The paparazzi are waiting for me. I don't know what to do. I run into the building and run to my room and lock the door. I get changed into pajamas and go to bed. 
I release my first single. Lou is an amazing songwriter. In a few days, it's at number 1 on the charts. Lou starts to writ the rest of my album for me. When he's done, I record it and release my first album. It reaches number 1 on the charts too. I'm one of the most famous people on Earth. 
*End Of Dream*
Lou and I walk on a beach holding hands. There is no one around. Lou stops walking and bends down on one knee. 
"Julie, will you marry me?"
"OMG yes!"
I exclaim. He kisses me. 
*End Of Dream* 
I wake up and smile. I check my phone. I realize that today is the day I have to go home. I don't wanna go home. I won't be able to see Lou much. This is awful. I call Lou. 
I reply. 
"What's up?"
"I have to go home today."
"It's ok. I'll still be able to talk to you and I'll see you in the studio."
"But I want to see you everyday."
"I'm sorry Lou. It's not my choice. I have to go home."
"Can we at least go out to lunch?"
"Of course. I'll get ready now."
"Ok. See you in a little bit."
I hang up. I don't wanna leave. I love it here. I get ready. I leave and see Lou waiting for me. I run up to him. He hugs me tightly. 
"I love you Lou."
I tell him. 
"I don't wanna leave."
"I know but you have to  like you said, we can text each other and face time each other and see each other in the studio. This isn't the end."
"It can't be. "
"And it won't be."
Lou and I go to eat at a pizza place. It really good. After we eat, Lou and I go to see the other boys and Reece. I tell them that I have to go home. They get really sad. I hug each of the boys and Reece. I'm crying by the time I say bye to everyone. This isn't the end though. Lou takes me to the airport so I can catch my flight back home. When I'm about to leave, I kiss him. It's so powerful and I'm dreading the moment I will have to let go. I have to leave though. 
"Bye Lou."
I say as I get on the plane. I stare out the window until I get home. My parents meet me at the airport. I say hi to them and tell them about everything. When I get home, I go to the stables and see Jasper. I ride him. We do a little barrel racing and a little jumping and cool off on the trails. It feels so good to be back in the saddle. I want Lou and Reece with me though. When I get off, I go to my room and sleep. I dream about loosing him and never being able to see any of the boys or Reeve again. It's terrible. For the rest of the week, I count down until I fly back to go to the studio. When the day finally comes, I get an early flight so I can spend as much time as I can with everyone. I get to London and go to the studio and see everyone is already there. I run to them and hug them. I missed everyone. Lou hands me a price of paper with my song on it. I read it through. 
"It's amazing. Thanks Lou."
I say.  I grab his hand and we go to where I will record my single. We work on starting to record. I refuse to let Simon use auto tune. People need to know who I really am. I don't wanna be fake. A week later, I have a recorded single and it is gunna be released I'm three days. I'm super excited. This is an amazing song. Lou is a great songwriter. Three days later, Lou and I wait to my single to be released in three minutes. The other boys and Reece are with us too. Zayn is counting down. It releases. Everyone cheers. People start to buy it. It's getting really popular. By the time I have to leave in two days, it's number 5 on the charts. That's great for my first single. Also great for someone who didn't even win. When I leave, I make plans to come back within the next month to start recording the album. I have to part from Lou again though. I hate this part. 
*One Month Later*
I'm back in London. Lou and I are recording a duet for the album. It's gunna be track 6 out of 12. It's going great. 
*another month later*
My album just got released and its selling quick. Lou and I are still together. I'm getting more famous. It's all be wise Lou writes me great songs. 

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