House Of Identity

Marilyn Denby/Zeno comes to anubis house,
story is told from the point of veiw of Eddie Miller-Sweet and Marliyn herself

Athors note:

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5. House of Worthless/ House of Faking

Marilyn's Pov


after the phone call I try to to fall asleep, I toss and turn, for a long time “ALL YOU ARE IS A WORTHLESS PAWN GIRL” “ALL YOUR FAULT” “ WORTHLESS” “ PAWN” all echo around my head keeping me awake, because its all true, I'm just a worthless pawn whose dads dead and its her fault. “ your not worth anything, you have nothing, you are nothing” “ your an idiot” “ just get it over with and done, after that your free or dead whichever comes first” “ stay away from the others, they'll hurt you just like they did” “ you cant trust anyone. Not even yourself” and more keep me up longer. “ BEEP BEEP BEEP” I sit up with a start, I guess its morning, I must have fallen asleep. I get dressed and head downstairs to the bathroom. I check the mirror, my eyes are red and puffy with bags under them. A close my eyes for a second and do what I do best fake a smile, ignore the pain, and cover it up. I open them and head down to breakfast


Eddies Pov

Marilyn comes down to breakfast late, I guess she realizes since she says “ I guess my alarm was late,” she sits down and smiles shyly, at first glance she seems fine but then you see shes faking, a few of the sibunas are slightly glaring at her, some aren’t doing anything abnormal just talking, others just smile back. “ Marliyn, in my office now” Victor walks in and orders. She stands up, and walks out “ Edison, you wait here so you can show her the school everyone else leave” he says before leaving.


Marilyn Pov

I walk into his office and sit down “ Is that a raven?” I ask curiously. “ yes,but that’s irrelevant, now I got an email from the orphanage requiring me to tell you, that last months DNA test from the doctors came in,” oh no, why would they have to tell me unless... “ the person you thought was your really mother is not, Zeno is your true last name” what? No! “ your dismissed” I stand up,fake a smile and leave . I walk into the living room, “ Eddie, we can leave” “ what was that all about?” he asks as we leave the house. “ nothing” I say plainly, not wanting to elaborate. “ it has to be something, you can tell me” Don't trust anyone when you can't trust yourself. “ its really nothing” “ I don't believe that” “ just drop it ok,” I let my fake smile stop a moment, “ I'd rather not talk about it,ok?” “ fine” we walk the rest of the way in silence

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