House Of Identity

Marilyn Denby/Zeno comes to anubis house,
story is told from the point of veiw of Eddie Miller-Sweet and Marliyn herself

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4. House of Tears/ House of Teasing

Marilyn's Pov

after they leave I play on my phone a minute I switch my ring-tones messing around but now I know when he calls, I leave my default the same but change his. Then I turn out the attics lights, and I didnt think this place could be any creeper! My phone buzzes and plays the song “ Master Of The House” From Le Mis, the caller fits the song perfectly, ayway I pick it up and but it on speaker, the volume low, so I can hear “ you girl are trying my patience!” “ sorry dad” I say half asleep “ IM NOT YOUR FATHER!YOUR FATHERS DEAD! AND ALLYOUR FAULT MARILYN!!!!” I stiffle a sob but he doesn’t hear. “ GET ME THE BROKEN PIECES FROM THE SHATTERED STAFF OF OSIRIS! ALL YOU ARE IS A WORTHLESS PAWN GIRL YOU HAVE NO IMPORTANCE! NOW GET IT TO ME OR YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS” I stay quiet “ DONT IGNORE ME GIRL! SAY SOMETHING!” “ I'll, I'll get you the staff” “ AND?” “ the moon key,” “ AND!” “ and the s-sun key s-sir” “ good girl” he hangs up and I sob into my pillow. Little did I know then that the sibunas were listening in.



Eddies Pov

we all exchange looks and head downstairs, “ She cant be trusted” Patricia says. “ do you think she's being blackmailed or something?” Jerome adds “ She was definitely getting yelled at,” “ She wants my key, Carolines key, and the broken pieces of the staff!” Kt adds “ this is really bad” “ what is the staff anyway,” asks Nina “ oh yeah you missed last year, lets just say for now it almost destroyed the world” Fabian says. “ you,Patricia,and Alfie helped that” I say jokingly. “ to be fair Ammit had our souls, plus you and Kt brought the staff to him” Alfie adds “ We thought we were doing the right thing!” Kt says. “ Another year, Another Mystery huh?” Amber says with a smile “ Lets settle this in the morning, we cant risk victor catching us again. We all part ways and head back to are rooms


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