House Of Identity

Marilyn Denby/Zeno comes to anubis house,
story is told from the point of veiw of Eddie Miller-Sweet and Marliyn herself

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6. House of Speachless/ House Of Awe


Marilyns Pov

we get to the school and Eddie quickly shows me around the grounds then we head to first class which is drama. We walk in as the teachers making an announcement. “ the school wide camp fires are tonight” all of the class cheers. Eddie and I then sit down next to each other, being the only two seats left. “ Anubis house yours is in the clearing, Isis behind the-” I tune out for a moment after that, campfires? What campfires? “ Patricia,Amber whose doing everything for Anubis house?” “ Eddie, Alfie, and Jerome are doing a skit. Patrica,Nina,Joy,and I are doing another skit. Mara and Willow are doing a scene from a play. Fabian and Marilyn are...” “ you must be Marilyn, welcome” he says to me. “I'm Mr.Winkler” “ Nice to meet you sir” “ now what are you and Fabian doing?” “ I just got here sir, I don’t know to be honest” “ relax Marilyn, theres no need to call me sir” Fabian saves me from having to say anything else “ I was planning on playing my guitar, solo since Marilyn didnt get here until yesterday and we didnt know she was coming.” “ ok then, Marilyn” he thinks for a second “ would ether you or Fabian be agenst you singing with his guitar?” “ I'm fine with it, What about you Marilyn?” “ thats fine” I smile shyly, I like to sing but I've only sang were other people can hear me once, why not try again? “ its settled then, now Isis-” I kinda zone out again thinking about tonight, soon enough the bell rings and the rest of the day fly’s by in a blur. I get back to the house then Fabian and I go into his room to practice, we end up mastering a few songs: How To Save A Life by the Fray, Cut by Plum, Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, and Innocent by Taylor Swift. “ your... there are no words for how you sound,” “ I'm taking that as a complement, I don’t care if it was one or not, I'm taking it as one” “ It was!” he said quickly, “ which two are we doing?” “ Lets do Innocent and Cut” “ alright, then” we then head to the campfire.



Eddies Pov

she walks to the campfire with Fabian I hear them talking on the way over the lasts to arrive , “ don't hate me but can we do I dreamed a dream from le miserables instead?” “ if you know it, I happen too” “ great” the skits turn out great, ours was really funny a comedy act/ spoof on a scene from Harry Potter, the girls was really cool, a comedic mystery about a girl whose shoes were stolen only to be found under the girl's bed, Mara and Willows was a duet from the musical West Side Story , the song was called a boy like that/ I have a love Mara did the part of the duet: a boy like that Willow did the : I have a love part, it was really good, great harmony’s at the end too. Then it was Fabian and Marilyn's turn. Fabian started playing I dreamed a dream.





Every word Marilyn sang was, indescribable.


Her normally piecing blue eyes show no fear, just calm, the calm after the storm


her voice makes you feel like


a false sense of hope comes over you then the pain comes crashing down like a wave, you feel it

you feel her pain

her voice sounded pure and broken

a natural talent

something that cant be taught

it compels you to listen

like a sirens song

the hurt in her voice

was real

not acting


it hurt





touched us all.

There are no words to describe how she sounds




a voice to innocent

to sound that broken








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