House Of Identity

Marilyn Denby/Zeno comes to anubis house,
story is told from the point of veiw of Eddie Miller-Sweet and Marliyn herself

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2. House of Questions/ House of Phone Calls

Marilyn's Pov

Joy, Patricia, and Willow are rooming together and Nina,Amber,Kt, and Mara are rooming together, I didnt think this through which room is mine, I sheepishly head down stairs and run into victor, “ you'll be rooming in the attic just for the night, tomarrow you'll be rooming with Patricia,Willow, and Joy understood” “ yeah” I take my stuff and put it by the attic door, ill move it later, I head downstairs but before I get there my phone rings with my favorite ring-tone Best of 2012 Pop Mash-Up by Anthem Lights, its American song I came across. I answered it “Hello?” I heard a scream on the line and it went dead,I bit my lip, my face pale knowing what it meant, it meant I’m running out of time.


Eddies Pov


Marilyn walks into dinner a bit late and sits down at the head of the table it being the only seat left, she looks pale and her blue eyes not looking at anyone directly. Amber asks the same question she asks Nina the first night she was here, so i'm told. “ We were told you lived in an orphanage, what happened to your parents?” there were multiple meanings beside that set of words “ I-” Marilyn starts but Jerome interrupts “ Interesting last name Zeno huh?” She looks him strait in the eyes “ Yeah it is” which was her way of saying ' I know what he did ' without saying it Patricia and Jerome glance at each-other slightly. “ your parents?'” amber says again. “ My dad died about two years ago, I believe, and my mom...” she pauses “ couldn’t take care of me” a moment of silence falls around the table. Alfie says with a hint of a laugh in his voice to break the silence “ don't you dare poor anything on her Patricia” everyone laughs, even Marilyn cracks a smile, not exactly sure what we mean “ I only do it to Americans” she laughs “ you did it to me!” Willow says still laughing “ you don't cont, it wan'st you first day” she adds. The laughter dies down, she excuses her self and heads upstairs


Marilyn’s Pov


“ Clarke, Mecner,Martin,Milligtion,Lewis,Willamson,Miller-Sweet (?), Rutter” read the text

another popped up “ Rush and the same minus Clarke and Mercer” from a different number. I head up to the attic and settle in, by the time I find a place to put my things its 11:50pm, I hear the door open and I was in shock the same group from the text was here. My phone rings the same ring-tone as before and I quickly answer “Hello?” I say a bit to loudly, the gang stops talking. “hello, Marilyn” I put the phone on speaker, “ Hello,” I say “ Marilyn, you've gone quiet” by this time a stand up so they see me, “ I'm s-sorry” I stutter but in realty I’m rolling my eyes as I say it, “ I-ll g-get -back to y-y-you, I s-swear” I’m actually scared, “you better or...” “ else,” the line goes dead again. “ Hey guys...” I say causally with a sorta fake laugh on the end. Joy,Jerome,KT,Eddie,Nina,Amber,Patricia,Fabian,and Alfie are all glaring at me, oh no, I’m dead meat.


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