House Of Identity

Marilyn Denby/Zeno comes to anubis house,
story is told from the point of veiw of Eddie Miller-Sweet and Marliyn herself

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1. House Of New Girl/ House Of Letters

House of Identity

Inspired by another persons fanfic ( sorta) and this song



No ones Pov

The young girl looked around the entry hall not sure what to expect, she says “ hello? Hello? Anyone here?”


Marliyn's Pov

a girl with blond hair pops here head out of the doors nearest to me and walks over. “ uh hi” she says her voice surprised but causal, “ who are you talking to amber?” says a voice from inside, she walks out as well, she has a hint of red in her brown hair. “ Who are you?” she says “ Hi I'm Marilyn Denby , from Ireland... I assume you didn’t know I was coming?” “ Did you say Denby?” “ yeah, why?” “ Patricia, chill” said the girl I now knows names Amber, “ Hey Guys!” Amber opens the living room doors, “ There's a new girl” One by one I meet everyone, some get the same expression as Patricia when I say my last name, “ I'm Nina” says a girl with an American accent, shes standing next to a geeky but kinda cute guy he introduces him self as Fabian, there a couple alright... after awhile introductions are done. I can tell that Joy and Jerome are dating,so are willow and alfie, patricia and Eddie are ,Nina and Fabian are as well.

I was sent here with a letter, after a visit with to Egypt. The hallways starting to clear out Might as well ask now, “ Hey, Eddie?” I ask, “ Yeah? “ he says surprised, “ I was told to give you this, I swear I haven’t read it” I reach into my bag and pull out a white envelope addressed to an Edison Sweet but it had no re-turn address. “ is this you?” “ yeah” he takes the envelope “ how did you get this?” “ long story,” I say softly and heads upstairs before he can question me further.


Eddies Pov

she hands me the letter and runs upstairs. So I almost follow her but before I do victor calls everyone to the living room. “ We have a new student arriving from Ireland, by the name of Marilyn Zeno” that stops everyone in the room from talking, she did resemble him in one way, her eyes a piercing blue eyes “ She just arrived” Trudy calls from the other room “ but she said her last name was denby” saiys Kt very wide eyed, “ She has two last names, Zeno and Denby, she goes by both or written she writes Zeno-Denby” victor leaves and I head to my room and open the letter


Dear Orison,

from one osiron to another, hello!


I pause shocked



Meet Marliyn, My Daughter,





I text the others

“ Sibuna meeting attic midnight!”



and that was just a preview! I've written more but want to see what you think



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