House Of Identity

Marilyn Denby/Zeno comes to anubis house,
story is told from the point of veiw of Eddie Miller-Sweet and Marliyn herself

Athors note:

you may know me as
4mad7 on the nickoldeon messge boreds were i orignally started to post this fanfic
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- Camel_says_hi

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3. House Of Fakes

Eddies Pov

“what are you doing up here?” Patricia said voice full of anger “ I have more of a right to be up here then you, I'm rooming here tonight” she says her tone relaxed. Jerome looked the angriest out of all of us, definitely. “ what should I say to victor tomorrow, huh? Half the house comes into the attic waking me up?at ” she looks at her phone “ quarter after 12” I notice her accent was American not Irish. “ Fake accent?” “ not exactly,” she replies but doesn’t elaborate more “ and the phone call?” “ nothing I cant handle” we all turn leave “ Bye Sibuna” she calls after us. “ Bye Zeno!” Jerome sneers, definitely meant as an insult. Victor comes running in, “ what are you all doing up here” “ we uh, we were” Nina starts but Marilyn interrupts “ They were helping me Victor, I felt a little homesick that’s all,” her tone sweet as honey and sounded like a scared little girl, tears were actually in her normally piecing blue gaze looked like a scared little five year old that just woke up from a nightmare. I'm sorry whose this and wheres the girl that was here a minute ago? “ I-I didn't mean to cause trouble Victor, I'm s-s-sorry-y” I'm sorry, who is this girl? “ Well, fine they can stay for a minute longer, just one” so then victor leaves. Joy and Amber say at the same time “ you didn't rat us out?” Do you want me as your enemy or your ally?” is all she says before we have to leave



4mad7 (Nick Message Boards)

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