House Of Identity

Marilyn Denby/Zeno comes to anubis house,
story is told from the point of veiw of Eddie Miller-Sweet and Marliyn herself

Athors note:

you may know me as
4mad7 on the nickoldeon messge boreds were i orignally started to post this fanfic
or as @/the_fangirl_curse on instagram were I talked about posting this

- Camel_says_hi

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7. House Of Deep/ House of Fury

Eddies pov

we a sit there in awe, slowly one by one we start to clap, she blushes slightly and whispers something to Fabian,he nods and starts to play the part of the song

when the tigers come at night

there voices soft

as thunder

as the tear your hopes apart

and turns you dreams to shame

she sings it again from there. Then after the last verse Fabian starts to play another song called Wake Me Up Inside by Evanescence.

How can you see into my eyes

like open doors?

Leading you down into my core

where I’ve become so numb

without a soul

my spirit’s somewhere cold

until you find it there

and lead it back


Fabian stops playing on home and silence. Marilyn's cheek have touches of red to them. We all start clapping again, it was just to amazing for words that’s right eleven teens awed in to silence isn’t an every day occurrence. Its getting late so one by one we all leave,when we finally get back to the house we realize Patricia isn’t with us, and strangely enough panic flashes though Marilyn’s eyes, this cant be her fault can it?


Marilyn’s Pov

This Is All My Fault, They Got Her, THEY GOT HER! Oh no they don’t, I’m not letting this happen. victor orders us to stay inside

nope i'm going after them, I storm out of the house fury raging in my deep blue eyes

its time to meet the mole

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