Someone Save Me

Her mother is dead. Her father has been kidnapped. Her little brother is in danger. An old friend decides to help her. Can he? She has to save her dad and brother. Can she? You will soon find out in Someone Save Me...


2. INFO!

Okay so the contest ends tomorrow June 1st! I can't believe it's almost June!!! Time flew by so fast!! So I'm gonna write the first official chapter of the story today and introduce the characters.

First off:

 Name: Skyler

Personality: USED TO BE fun, loving, popular, loved, happy

NOW  quiet, has 1 best friend, tough, gets annoyed easily, emo, sad

Looks: I will mumble a photo of her ( Before & After)


Name: Max

Personality: USED TO BE always laughing and smiling, loved sports, loved,

NOW not so quiet as Skyler, has a group of friends but never tells them how he feels, doesn't laugh and smile as much as before, hurt

Looks: Will mumble photo


Well that's it! There are more characters but they are secret...kinda. They'll show up soon! Right now I gotta mumble the photos!! Peace!


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