Someone Save Me

Her mother is dead. Her father has been kidnapped. Her little brother is in danger. An old friend decides to help her. Can he? She has to save her dad and brother. Can she? You will soon find out in Someone Save Me...


14. Chapter 9: Every Wonderful Day Still Has to End

  Max's P.O.V.

  Today was awesome! After I tried out my new guitar, Skylar announced it was bedtime. "Awww!" I groaned. "Come on, it's time to go to bed." Skylar told me and hurried me upstairs to our rooms. I'm a bit upset because I don't want today to end. Even though it was my birthday, today has been really fun. I brushed my teeth and put on my PJs. I climbed into my messy bed and pulled the blue, fuzzy covers over me. As soon as I closed my eyes, I fell into a deep sleep.

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