Someone Save Me

Her mother is dead. Her father has been kidnapped. Her little brother is in danger. An old friend decides to help her. Can he? She has to save her dad and brother. Can she? You will soon find out in Someone Save Me...


7. Chapter 4: Lunch

    Skyler's P.O.V.

 The day zoomed by and I barely paid attention to any class. My mind was clouded with the thoughts of the boy and if I were ever to see him again. I probably will. Maybe at lunch. But I bet I scared him off like everyone else. I bet he doesn't like me or is trying to avoid me like everyone else. Maybe he feels bad for me because I have no friends. That last thought angered me. Soon, it was time for lunch. Good, I thought. I needed to talk to that boy. I walked down the halls and into the cafeteria. I hated the cafeteria. It was noisy and smelled terrible and bad things always happens here. I looked around for the boy. No where to be seen. I guess he's in the bathroom or something. Some people walked past me. I got a good look of what was on their trays. Tuna noodle casserole. Yuck. Good thing I brought my own lunch today. No I just need somewhere to eat. I never eat at the cafeteria. I always eat somewhere else. Maybe I could go  to the library. Nobody goes to the library except nerds. But the nerds had their own little table in the cafeteria talking about Math. Nerds. As I walk down the hall,  I see no one. I'm used to it; I do this everyday. Soon, I was at the library. Peace and quiet. Just the way I like it. Suddenly, I heard a THUD.

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