Someone Save Me

Her mother is dead. Her father has been kidnapped. Her little brother is in danger. An old friend decides to help her. Can he? She has to save her dad and brother. Can she? You will soon find out in Someone Save Me...


18. Chapter 13: The Call

Skylar's P.O.V.

I didn't want to go to school today but I had to. I had to set a good example for Max. I got up and got dressed, ready to wake up Max. Once I got to his room, I saw it was empty. "Max?!?" I yelled. Where did he go!! "Down here, Skylar!" I heard him yell from downstairs. I walked downstairs, smiling like a fool because of what I did. As I got breakfast ready downstairs, he laughed at me mockingly. It's not funny! I wanted to yell. I thought you've been kidnapped just like Dad!! I calmed myself down. It wasn't his fault. He just got up early. I should be glad. He was already eating breakfast. "Hey, why are you up so early?" I asked, trying to act casual. He shrugged and tried to hide his face. Don't tell me he-"You have a crush?!?" the words just flew out of my mouth. He looked up and nodded. "How did you know?" "its kind of obvious," I said. "You were blushing."

"Her name is McKenzie. She's new to the school. I think she likes me, too." he explained. "I think you should wait and see instead of jumping to conclusions" I told him. He nodded. The bright yellow school bus pulled up in front of our house. "Bye Max!" I waved him goodbye as he grabbed his breakfast and left. I should leave, too. I grabbed my backpack and left. I replayed this morning in my head.  'I think you should wait and see instead of jumping to conclusions'.

Maybe I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions about Liam. But, I still don't know him so its okay.  guess. As I was walking to school, I got a call. "Hello?"

"If you ever want to see your dad again, meet me at the abandoned factory tomorrow at 8" the raspy voice said and hung up. What? My dad? He's dead!!..................Is he?


LOL The title........So enjoy!!

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