Well, this is my first story and I wanted to call it BELIEVE because I'm sure life revolves around believing.

'A moving, inspirational and beautiful tale about a special girl...'

It is about an ordinary girl called Anna-Marie who is a shy, ambitious girl who really wants to reveal herself to the whole world - show everyone who she really is inside and tell people what she has to say. I write in her shoes about her life and what goes on around and inside her. This story tells you about how she grows as a person, knowing more about life and herself. Just an average girl just like any other girl, but there is something in Anna-Marie that is dying to get out! Her true self!

Read this book to uncover this truly magical story...


2. The Beginning

Hello, my name is Anna-Marie. I'm only fourteen but I know that I have a long journey ahead of me, though, its not just any journey - it's my life. There will be ups and downs, twists and turns, and there will be times when I have to climb a very high hill. Would I be able to? That's the thing. You never know what's around the corner; you just have to keep believing and when you do that - it can change your life, that's exactly what happened to me. Let me take you back around year ago and tell you a story about me that changed my life...


There I was. Just there, sitting in the amousphere in a colourless room. Endless thoughts rushed through my mind. Why wouldn't my dream come true? Why wouldn't anyone understand? How long would I have to wait? I sat on top of my window sill that night, glaring up to the sky, birds were soaring across the dark sky freely. Freely. I was wishing deeply that I was one of those birds at this moment because everyday, I feel trapped and locked up like a caged bear, desperately trying to burst free to explore the rest of the world. Amongst all the thoughts and feelings I had in my mind, one of them was 'Is it that I'm not supposed to break out to the world and reveal who I really am?' I guess not but inside me, I thought that one day, any day, my dream will take place. I knew it would take place. I believed it would take place. I looked up at the sparkly stars too. They were bright, unique - special. However, they are always in the same place, just above us all the time in the night sky that no one ever notices or takes time to actually realise these special stars. One of these stars remind me a lot of me.

I am bright, unique - special, and where am I every second of my life? In the same place like the stars. Absorbed into the darkness where no one ever gets or notices who I am. No matter how much I shine, no one ever sees me and that brings me down. It brings me down to low self-esteem and confidence.

My heart plummeted into the deepest of hell, as far down as it could go. This always happened whenever I thought about all of this. A teardrop would gradually leak down my soft cheek. That is when I knew that I couldn't hold it any longer. You see, I had to do this - there wasn't another way. I had to believe. And that is the one thing that never left my head. 'Keep Believing, Keep Believing' long would I have to keep doing this?

I lay in bed and thought. I thought about the word 'believe'. It means everything to me and I don't stop thinking about it until I fall into a deep sleep, drifting off into my own little world of Believing...





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