Lionel Messi-Barcelona

Lionel Messi is arguably the world's number one footballer. He scores hundreds of goals in his career, but what happens when he is injured and Barcelona signs another world class player, Cristiano Ronaldo, to replace Lionel? Can Lionel ever get back to his best and beat his enemy Cristiano?


1. The Worst Injury

"Pass it to me!" I yelled as I ran down the wing, my eyes fixed on Xavi's feet as he expertly swerved the ball in and out of the defenders, and his head looked up to face me, then he kicked the ball up into the air. Running into the box, I jumped up into the air, about to score a header, but then, a Real Madrid defender, Pepe, made a beeline straight for me, and his body slammed into my small build of a body, then I was pushed on the floor. The referee didn't see what happened, and Pepe didn't either and Pepe's foot landed right on my shin, his entire body weight pushing down on my lower leg, then pain shot through my leg, and I screamed in pain. The shrill whistle of the referee's whistle sounded, and the players looked down at me, gasping in shock. I looked at them in confusion, then the most upsetting news hit me as I looked down at my leg. It was bent strangely, and was clearly broken. Millions of thoughts swarmed around my brain as medics rushed over to me and helped me up, but the only thought I paid attention to was 'Will I ever play football again?

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