Sea shell- Kingdom hearts fanfiction

A kingdom hearts fan fiction for the gaming competition. Hope you enjoy. Mainly focuses on Xion.
~Warning!!!~ Contains major spoilers!



4. Meeting Place

~Sora's POV~

I woke up with a start as the first rays of sunlight began to shine through my window. The sun gave a glorious glow which gave a comforting feeling of warmth which covered you like a soft blanket.The memories of last night gradually came back to me as my mind began to wander. I looked over to my desk to see if the thelissa shell was still there. It was. While in a laying postion, I reached over to the shell and picked it up gently to get a closer look. I rubbed my fingers over the smooth surface and watched as the beams of the sun's light dance across it. Unexpectedly, a new set of images began to play in my mind. It must be more memories like last night. It showed pictures of a town; a town that I knew very well. As soon as I saw the huge clock tower in the town's centre the words ' Traverse Town' escaped from my lips. That was where I needed to go. I just had a feeling from within that erged me to go there. Maybe it was where the girl with the short, black hair lived. She could of even knew Roxas! I mean, he did live there after all. With a new found excitement running through my veins, I leaped up and out of my bed to find the answers for the questions that have been troubling for a long time.


I dashed outside to the beach to feel the salty air run through my clothes. I was finally going to see the girl. But then the doubt seeped in. How was I going to get there? Normally someone else would transportme there but as I'm going on this adventure alone, I don't have anything to use to get off this island. I picked the shell out of my pocket. "Looks like I'll have to wait until I can find a way out" I murmered. Then, a bright light emerged from the centre of the shell which caused me to shield my eyes from the sudden ray of light. It then spread rapidly through my field of vision until all i could see was white. Everywhere. Then everything turned to black.




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